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May 18, 2007


Holland Oats

ah, the ninety-minute Maxell XLII, those were the days...!


The DDAA part 1 zip seems to include cuts 9,10,and 11 instead of including cuts 6, 7 and 8. DDAA part 2 zip has cuts 9,10, and 11 also. According to the picture of the slipcase back.

Thanks fo the great music!


I just test-downloaded the 2 DDAA .zip files from here and they are as I made them: DDAA_1 has all of Face 1 of the cassette, though as noted in the post above, some tracks ran together on the original tape, and are thus ripped (and named) as 2 songs together on 1 mp3. DDAA_2 has the artwork scans, and all of Face 2 of the cassette, which in this case are mp3s, numbers 7, 8 and 9. In other words, the numbering of the mp3 files will be 2 fewer than if you count the songs on the insert back, but the entire cassette is represented and no tracks are repeated between .zip archives.


Great stuff William, thank-you. Very interested to know more about Odd-Ba from yr first Cassette Culture post. Any chance you may post up any further tapes by them sometime? pHoaming Edison also *shreds*


Callum - Glad you like Odd-Ba. I have more Odd-Ba tapes (at least one that I'm sure of), as well as tapes by other projects that include members of the Odd-Ba clan; will be posting more from them in the future. Never really had much contact with the members; all I ever had was a Pearl River, NY address. Perhaps these posts will reach them and bring them out of hiding.

Lee Blackstone

I'm having trouble with DDAA Part 1...on extraction, I'm getting an "unexpected end of file" notice. Part 2 is fine. Capital stuff, DDAA, thanks!


All I can say is that both archives download and extract fine on this end. There are often minor issues with archive files from system to system. Try WinRaR (which has a 'repair archive' function), or this new thing that everyone's raving about called 7Zip.


I have to say that I have been listening to pHoaming edison non-stop especially the song I thought I was mountain joe. I really have been enjoying it in other words. Also odd-ba is great. Keep it coming, more stuff like that would be appreciated. These posts are so great.



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