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May 25, 2007



Wow, I never thought I'd hear another Wall Drug recording! Thanks so much for posting this!

tedd or Thak

Yeah, that was us in Wall Drug. You can find some relevant stuff from me and my brother at

Rocky  Kwashiorkor

That was certainly Gregor Kwashiorkor you spoke to that night. He was the instigator for many a weird cassette tape and assorted art/film/performance by the Kwashiorkor collective during the 1980's. He'd mail me tapes, art & film footage, I'd fold them in with other tapes/images, send them to Rev-Mart, Mary & Steve, Mark, Bill-Q, Tree-saw, Uncle Chuckie, Rico and others who'd mix in more "goo" till it was a swirling, lumpy porridge. "We are numberless / We are memberless". I've often thought about sending some of this stuff to WFMU (if anyone would care, it would be them). Gregor continues to create incredibly inventive and beautiful artwork when he isn't running multi-day marathons. He combined both once when he sent me a video he shot of himself running backwards at night that lasted for about 30 minutes. I picture him holding the camera in outstretched arms while he runs in reverse. You see his smiling, panting face fade in and out whenever he passes under a streetlight. This stuff needs to be digitized.

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