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May 24, 2007



I liked the last two. Maybe you should name the band "Pants in Yonkers".


The Paul Graham image is from a 2003 exhibition at the Power House gallery in Memphis, TN. The gallery's website archives are embedded within a set of javascript frames. Go here:

... then click on "Exhibit Archives" and scroll down to 2003.

Or the direct link to the relevant frame is:

Lil Mike in SF

GOOD STUFF TO HAVE Lupica, and you f'n A know it apparently

don't ever delete

deleting is for sissies

i've killed half a dozen computers due to over stuffing

but never delete...

it shows weakness & fear

Dave the Spazz


joisy mikes

Google is your friend. That photo was indeed taken in Maryland. If Google is correct, the shoe store is still in business as of 2005. The facade of the shoe store and the shop to the left are exactly the same in your photo and this one:

Now lets look at it with Google Earth!


My friends and I are loving the "PANTS" pic - can I get a positive ID on the starlet holding the card? I know it's not Joyce De Witt....

Mike Lupica

Nope, that would be Gina Hecht, as seen on "Match Game".


Ah, thank you. I was thinking either Didi Conn or even Kate Jackson. But yes, Gina Hecht, from "Mork & Mindy" and a million other things.


The Maryland pic shows the intersection of Patapso Ave and Hanover St in Baltimore. here is another for the collection.

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