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May 18, 2007



"Thanks Mario Batali. Now we have every arsehole bohemian restaurateur, promoter, painter, and even entire fucking families wearing Swiss cheese rubber clogs like they work from home in Stüttgart and went outside to see “what de haile” Muskop is barking at. The worst part is when these douches use the various colors available to express themselves. Rebels wear black, Mr. Moms wear orange, shitstains wear yellow, fuckheads wear blue, people that need to die wear purple and so on..."

do's & don'ts

sweet cheeses

Never mind the dress code Sonja, how's the food?


Yeah sure they are ugly and trendy and all but they are comfortable as hell. Plus they are easy to put on.

I have pink ones, what does that make me.


It's those damn fugly Crocs again?!
Comfortable? How the hell can a rubber shoe be comfortable, for cryin' out loud?!
Your feet are gonna' end up smelling like the Swiss Cheese, those ass-ugly shoes look like they're made of.
Trendy? Bullshit! Butt crack jeans are trendy, until you see them on some 400+ pound Woman, that looks like she's giving breech birth to an anemic Calf whenever she bends over!
End of rant. Really. I'm fine. No Seroquel please.



The food was FUCKING AWESOME!!!! not. It was ridiculously expensive and mediocre. Instead of smuggling fat doobies, we stuffed beef jerky and trail mix down our pants. Success!

Liz B.

This photo says it all.

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