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May 09, 2007



O.K. now this is a model for effective viral marketing. I can barely type so overcome with the urge to head down to the health food store am I. A Marky Ramone spirulina debacle would be a perfect tie-in and a spectacular opportunity for viral co-op advertising. I don't know if anyone's tried that before. That is not just to say co-op like "Park Slope" but rather one or more advertisers, often one of which is the retailer, entering into an advertising venture together.

Uh oh, it's starting to wear off. I do tend to buy toiletries in large quantities. For example, the last time I purchased TP was early 2002. While I do stockpile smaller quantities of soap and shampoo, perhaps it would be better to re-think this when I am closer to running out.


I'm not sure I'd want the Bronners acting as my legal counsel. They crazy!

Love their peppermint soap though.

Holland Oats

i knew i loved that shit for a reason


Loved the Germs, saw the final show, think Don Bolles is a fascinating crazy nutjob....but only when he wasn't walking around stark naked, that sucked. But since I know cops don't read this, I am going to guess that somehow, ex-alcoholic Bolles, really did store alcohol-substitute drug GHB in that plastic bottle. Ha!

Why couldn't they have busted him closer to the release of the Germs dramatization movie. That woulda been good PR! The trailers looks greeeat! Ghoul-luck Bolles! Say hi to crazy little John P from Tom in CO.


My all-one-god cleanlifaith is pulsing with the primping power of GHB.


It must be said, that some of the bottles claimed you could use the stuff as some kind of wacky birth control... Now if you were to slip some of that goop into the ladies nether regions, ahhh, forget it. This whole thread is making me feel dirty.

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