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May 17, 2007



Tom Scharpling?


Dan Bodah




Is it Terre T?


Andy Breckman could afford a Benz, but I don't think he would have any interest in anything sports related. My guess is Chris T.


damn, you're right - Chris T does have a Mercedes. And he did a fill-in recently. On the off chance you're not right, I'll guess Rex.

Denton J

Brian Turner?


Actually, you're wrong -- you're all wrong. But good guesses! You're doing great everybody, just great! Keep guessing!


OK I don't have a guess, but I am having a hard time believing a Mercedes owner would like the Mets. Whoever it is seems so worried about losing his mets memorabilia he's attached it to a key. (None of the preceding constitutes a hint, nor cleverness, nor a clever hint).

I prefer not to

The Benz could be 1,000 years old. Anyone one could afford a benz with the right financier, but who could AFFORD to repair a Benz? I vote Rex, isn't a a baseball nut?


True, anyone could afford a Benz (especially a used one, maybe purchased on eBay), and I can think of at least three of our DJs who drive one. And I can think of at least a dozen staffers who're baseball fans -- probably much more.

OK, a hint: this DJ -is- currently on the air. There you go...


Andy Breckman?


If Andy were a huge baseball fan, he'd want to go to see games - but he'd have touch strangers. Dave the Spazz?

Brian B.

I want to say Dorian...I don't necessarily think it's hers, I just want to say her name.

Brian C.

Noah. As is no ideah. But I caught his show for the first time last night & dug it, so… what the heck.


Oh Michael Shelly, how much longer will you taunt me?

Dan B.

Oh, I know this one!

Listener #109577

Does the Benzo have an ashtray funk? I say Glen Jones.

James tregaskis

Did anyone say Bill Kelly? If they did, I apologise in advance if no did then really this is pretty obvious because he talks endlessly about baseball

doris in rego park



Fine guesses all, but still incorrect. Looks like y'all need a hint: this DJ has a weekend shift.




could it be gaylord fields?

michael c

dan bodah...i believe i heard him talking about the #1 team in NY

Listener #109577

Oh Michael Shelly, how much longer will you taunt me?

Posted by: Parq


Probably until that missing "e" in his last name turns up...


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