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May 24, 2007




jason Engdahl


michael c

is it Tom Scharpling?


Nope, though these guesses are interesting - they make me wonder what you know or think you know about this item and these DJs. Anyway, keep guessing, and heed that list of 20 DJs to whom this thing doesn't belong.


I say you'd throw that thing at a glandless dog? Ken?


Indeed, you would throw that thing at a dog - or a shark. But the particular dog that this thing gets tossed at is not glandless, and does not belong to Ken. Here's a hint: the DJ who chucks it at a dog is not on the current (or next) air schedule.

Listener #109577

I'm a loser. I always guess wrong. Yet I keep on trying.

I say Belinda.

Chris L



Laura Cantrell?


Winner! Yes, Chris L, that is a toy that DJ Monica often chucks at her Buttah. Drop me an email and we'll discuss your swag.

scott pilutik

I think Terre T has mentioned a dog, so I'll go with her.

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