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May 21, 2007


Gamma Goblin

Bring it!


Adris is the greatest.


Bring it on! We need the naked interview.


Yeah, bring it!

Liz B.

Wow, you guys must have strong stomachs... I'll post the full 30-minute long video in a few days. Get ready to laugh at ranting stoners and an icky naked guy!


I remember seeing Harry Pussy opening up for The Dead C many years ago in Cambridge, MA.-- they made me laugh, very enjoyable.


Wish that there was more of the HP live stuff. This brings me back to 4 or 5 great weeks in the 90's watching Harry Pussy do their thing. They were great recorded and absolutely great live especially with Feehan on guitar.

please, bring it.

please, bring it.


Bill Orcutt is the Ornette Coleman of the electric guitar. And Adris, ah, what a performer! What a woman! Thanks for the clip.


Please Please Please...more more more


"I remember seeing Harry Pussy opening up for The Dead C many years ago in Cambridge, MA.-- they made me laugh, very enjoyable."

I was in the band that opened up for Harry Pussy and the Dead C, and it was 11 or 12 years ago, at the Middle East, upstairs. At the time, I had never heard of either band. Before the show, one of the two guys who played guitar or bass went with me to the Stah Mahket to get a pack of smokes. As we walked, I was relating to him how being the new kid in my current band was forcing me to rethink how I play, and how it was really opening my ears up to different kinds of music, et cetera. He, too, was relatively new in Harry Pussy at the time, and he instantly could relate--Yeah, it's been a challenge for him to wrap his head around his new band's music.

15 minutes later, during soundcheck, I laughed: oh, that's awesome that they did that for their sound check. I wonder what they /really/ sound like?

So our band played, then They came on after us, and their whole set was just like the soundcheck, and maybe 18 minutes total. I had this dumbstruck smile on my face the whole time. He really must have meant it when he said adjusting to his new band was challenging.

mark feehan

Wow, I didn't know such things existed! All I knew of video of us is this lame-ass show we did up in Vancouver. Pretty cool. Adris is amazing isn't she?

PS, thanks for the shout-out "JB," though I think Bill is the Jimmy Page of noise.


i am pretty sure this set was filmed at the Cooler in NYC. i was right up front, and, during that opening, um, monologue from adris, i stood uncomfortably right in front of her. i was the one she pushed after saying "believe me when i say flfurghghghhhhhh".


"what was music" blew a hole in my head when i picked it up many years ago (think maybe '98 - so a couple of years after they released it). still nobody sounds like the pussy to this day. ace vid.

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