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May 24, 2007


Listener #109577

I had that debilitating sickness once -- it's a bacterial infection sometimes called acute bronchitis, and can be caused by breathing in dried, powdered animal waste (especially when combined with cigarette smoking) -- I got it from inhaling cockroach shit during a severe infestation. I recommend that you do whatever you are thinking of doing while wearing a painter's mask. Bronchitis reduces you to infantile weakness and generally ruins your life for at least a couple of weeks...

...although, if you have someone to take care of you, infantile weakness can be sort of an interesting recreational high...

The Contrarian

Oddly enough, this article about some very efficient pigeon-killers appeared in today's Star-Ledger. One of the birds was a Jersey City native (and neighbor of WFMU) and like many of us proles, left JC for more affordable pastures west.


1) i like birds, ergot i like pigeons. 2) i sympathize with your problem. i once called animal welfare when a bunch of baby squirrels fell out of a tree in college. turns out animal 'welfare' is only for classy animals. 3) i wonder if neolithic man was annoyed with the 'beautiful' noises of nature? 4) maybe you could adopt some WFMU ants and house them in the nest? make it a little thunderdome?


I for one am glad there are lots of pidgeons (and squirrels) in the city-- they will provide an ample food source after "the collapse", at least for those of us who can catch/kill/cook them lil' buggers. I know many of you will have lighted out for the territories by then, but hey, whatchu gonna eat in the Catskills or Poconos anyway? Deer? Good luck! Pidgeons are stupid enough that I could bag a whole bun of them right quick, and "squab" is good eatin'!

This bird you wish to dispose of would make an excellent first attmept to prepare you for the necessities of the coming collapse. Go for it.

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