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May 23, 2007


El Payo

Is that Letterman on the couch when Tim goes to sit down?

Norton Zenger

What's weirder than Nick Drake playing on an educational album? Phil Ochs doing an album of campfire songs! See for info. Don't know a URL for the album, but MP3s _are_ out there.

By the way, top MP3 find for me for the week: The only Super Freego album. For those not familiar with Super Freego, they sound like a mix between Magma and the B-52s. Totally awesome stuff.

Dale Hazelton

When WILL someone do a biopic/documentaruy about Herbert Khaury? What could be more intersting than a fay little boy who never leaves his Manhattan flat because he's too busy amassing an encyclopedic knowledge of vaudvillian rarities and chestnuts, grows up to confab with psychedelic and folkie musicians, becomes the darling/punching bag of variety television, extends his 15 minutes of fame into at least an hour and dies almost forgotten? Ssounds alot like Warhol, minus the end-of-life obscurity! I thow in my casting hat and say Marilyn Manson should have the honors of playing "Youthful -- Bloated Older" Tim.

Listener #109577

Anyone else see Carson say, "What the fuck?!" with the mic turned off? I throw my vote in with D. Hazelton -- Marilyn Manson ought to play T. Tim in the biopic -- but who could dub the voice? Mebbe Brian Wilson?!

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