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May 02, 2007



The Four Lads' version of "Dry Bones" is the one used with surreal impact in the final episode of The Prisoner series. It's that hyper-bizarre scene from The Prisoner that led me to dub my long-running WFMU show "The Hip Bone." Thanks for posting that link (and the Ricky Gervais Neuromantic photo!)


That is one hell of a nice makeup job. Good eyebrow shaping, too.

Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll

thanks for linking my blog so much *lol*

Guys do leave comments!


From All Music Guide:

Ignored in the U.K., "More to Lose" became the theme song of angstridden New Wave youths in the Philippines in the '80s; with its brooding, Michael Hutchencelike vocals and jumpy percussion, it swept the clubs as well. Ironically, this was oblivious to the duo; when "More to Lose" started its rise to neverending airplay on Manila FM stations in the mid'80s, Seona Dancing wasn't even together anymore.

Well, I thought it was some dry listening. Sounded more like filler for a Tom Delonge CD than an 80's pop anthem.


Hey, thanks for link and the mention! I hope you'll be entertained by our little attempt at a drinking songs list.

You called it right on Booze Party-see # 67 on Thursday. My personal ballot had it coming in at #36, but such is the nature of a democratic process.

Brian @ Big Rock Candy Mountain

california sober living

Thanks for posting that link (and the Ricky Gervais Neuromantic photo) keep posting.


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