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May 16, 2007



Rev. Falwell introduces the singing sisters who do the "Monkey Song," an answer to that ridiculous theory of evolution being taught in our schools. It was on the Happy Guide to Mind Control Ken assembled some time ago.
I think he also introduces the testimonialist on the aptly titled LP "All my Friends are Dead."


"These Days": A favorite version of mine is by Matthews Southern Comfort; more clarity, less irony!


I wanted to write Clinton about this, but couldn't find any contact info for him. Allow me, instead, to offer a brief concurring post. Check out this page of ten great songs about Memphis from the Boogie Woogie Flu blog:

David Wilson

There was a song that was played on Dr. Demento in 1981 called "Moral Majority" by Mayfield & Nissen. The song featured a sermon by The Reverend Jerry Fowlmouth. Some of the lyrics I remember:

We're the Moral Majority--We're holier than thou,
By God we're here to tell you what we will and won't allow,
We're here to purge this nation of its humanistic bent,
A separate church and state we've simply given up for lent.


Clinton: glad to see you've been enjoying Little Hits lately. We miss your programs at the Coolidge.


Hey, thanks for the link -- I'd never heard Johnny Darrell's version (or knew it existed). I'll have to throw up a link to this post!

Huge Rant

The thing that always bothered me about Falwell and the Moral Majority was the ease with which they were willing to consign people to Hell for not much more than disagreeing with their politics. That would be unthinkable in enlightened circles such as this, of course. I can't say as I'll miss Falwell, or his homophobia. I hope Fidel Castro and his homophobia are the next to go.


Mates of State also recorded a good version of "These Days," for a film soundtrack (Wicker Park).


I've gotten a lot of enjoyment from over-the-top evangelical music over the years, especially the kind sung by puppets. I find that laughing at the hate feels good. This Westboro Baptists stuff is different... it just nauseates and scares me, there is something so flipped-out, souless and hateful about those people.


I know this comment won't make it on your blog becuase any comments opposing the great Lord s of WFMU are never posted, but this current post will be the last straw for me, and this blog. Seems you're doing exactly the same thing Falwell did by not alowing opposing views to be displayed in your comments area. Your comments about Falwell or anyone who has just died are totally uncalled for and immature. Have fun with the rest of your liberal, hate monger fans.


Sad to say, but Greg's comment would never have been published had he not totally called the moderator out.

Debbie D

By the miracle of recording...

Robin & Crystal-The Monkey Song from Falwells' lp "Feudin' Fussin' and Frettin'"

Resident Clinton

I do love how Falwell can say whatever he wants, no matter how mean-spirited or, it must be said, completely un-Christian, but any criticism - even light, ironic joking - is considered the greatest of sins. There is a reason why religion cannot be debated in this society, or heck any society. And you, Sir Greg, are it.

Oh, and it's up to the FMU poster as to which comments get posted (a fair decision, I think), and I for one usually let them all go up, unless someone is just being mean without a point. Greg has a point, or at least is trying to make one about respect for the dead or something. But I'm baffled by how a few quotes from the man himself, and no overt commentary from me, can lead to heck, who am I kidding? Falwell was just a dipshit. I feel joy inside, not sorrow. I am a rotten human being. Now you all know.


"Ding dong, the witch is dead!" (well, one evil witch anyway). How exciting to find a relevent
application for the old chestnut! I've always found this dead jerk's statements were evidence
for him not deserving any respect alive or dead. I don't like the idea that someone gains
respect just because they die. Grind up that corpse, compost it and put it to some use.
But, if someone wants save that thing so it can be awakened later by Santa Claus, Jesus,
Cthulu or whoever, Yeah!....that's freedom of religion!(=free thought) But, we're running out of space, so hopefully you-all who are in to this sort of thing, won't mind storing that corpse with your personal effects....


I was thinking maybe something from Plague Mass by Diamanda Galas would be apppropriate for Rev. Fallwell's passing.


I'm sure that someone else has noticed this, but the Crystal Bernard (singing with her sister Robyn) in that "Monkey Song" mp3 went on to be a TV star of sorts--on "Wings", most notably. I'm always amazed at the process whereby some folks can enter and re-enter the public consciousness numerous times, at various points. She's sort of Jenny Lewis in reverse.


Ahhh yes Greg, the twin forces of denial and projection. Where would we be if we didn't have the rabid religious right to remind us how potent those two psychological mechanisms are... Perhaps now that Rev. Falwell is gone, you can find the peace and brotherly love you need in the good Rev. Phelps. And leave the hate mongering to us. yeah.


Political satirist, Roy Zimmerman has great song called "Jerry Fallwell's God", you can find it on YouTube.
I also recommend Zimmerman's "Ted Haggard is Completely Heterosexual"

Resident Clinton

And in the interest of full disclosure, Greg left another comment and I used my editorial power to delete it. My sarcasm is funny, his vitriol is boring...


Your about as funny as a heart attack, and I'm sorry if posting my comments would make you look like the pathetic idiot your are.

Account Deleted

Tsk. See what I mean?

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