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May 28, 2007


Chuck Jones

What the fuck is the thing on the top right?
Burned cows rammed together?

Oh, and all hail the dumbo octopus!


It appears to be a decomposing whale that washed up on a beach. At first people thought it was some kind of freakish turtle. See


What? No vampire octopus? That's the new entry on my 'why I won't go to the beach' cavalcade. Beating out ribbon fish, collossal squid, medical waste, riptide and people.


oops, sorry , it's vampire squid. I think they are though as closely repated to octopus as squid.


Yeah, I read somewhere that big, freaky sea life things are usually found to be partially decomposed things that we already know about.

I thought that calf had a piggy snout, but I guess I was just influenced by seeing the two-snouted piggy first.

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