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May 13, 2007


Phil Hall

According to the good Doctors website (, the girl singer is Molly Chadbourne, who i think was responsible for the cover art for 'LSD Country and Western'.


Thanks Phil, I added the information in the post. I only scanned the credits on the cover, not the website, when I wrote this. Duh!


Wow, that's a time-warp for me. Thanks for posting it.

I still think Eugene's "There'll Be No Tears Tonight" LP (free-improvised country and western bebop) is one of the greatest things ever recorded.


Fabulous! What a trove! I'm pleased Eugene gets his due - I say Aye to that assessment of No Tears..., but Shockabilly still gets little respect for some reason. "National Bummer" and the album it appeared on, Colloseum, remain great. Props to Dave Licht, master of many skins.

Eugene Chadbourne

Thanks so much for referencing this little-known Blackjack single.
Molly Chadbourne is still actively performing anti-war material with me. I would like to recommend the new DVD by the Get Out of Iraq (G.O.I.N.) band: Molly's performance of Girl From Al Queada was (I think) praised by Cecil Taylor and I think her Old Piano on this is one of the best things I have ever recorded. Best,
Doc Chad

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