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May 14, 2007


big kitty

that was amazing. incredibly disturbing, but amazing.

Hell's Donut House

That's "piqued." And oh my lord, yes.

Dale Hazelton

Besides the obvious questions (how did Mrs. Wadsworth stop her sons vocal cords and teeth from developing, and who the hell shaves him and gives him that stylish 70's haircut) this concept is pretty freaky. I can only assume that this wasn't a made-for-TV (ABC Movie of the Week) based on panty talk and simulated breast feeding. I'd love to see Law and Order SVU rip it off.


that's hot. no wait, that's disturbing.

Stefan O

LOL from IMDB:

Whats in the other 5 Aussie minutes?!
84 min / Australia:89 min


I found this a used VHS of this in the back of a record shop last year and was blown away. Fascinating. Also, amazing DVD transfer - the copy I have of it is pretty murky.


that would be hot if i had a diaper fetish.


More. Just...more, as soon as possible if you can.


I don't care for your series title, though.

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