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May 14, 2007


boy novice

Golly that was bad.

Sorry if you like it, but ... eeewww.

Mike Lupica

I dig it. Brian, what's the deal with this dude? He was in AC/DC *before* Bon Scott?


Yeah, apparently '73-ish in a very early incarnation. You can sign up here to become and official Badass:


kicking this guy out was the best move ac/dc ever made

Rob G.

Holy goddamn, did you see that woman's HAIR?!?!
Rocky Horror freakazoid monster Afro....

The music wasn't that bad, but I sure can't even
IMAGINE what the 70's AC/DC albums would have sounded
like, with Dave Evans singing.

No offense intended, Mr. Evans; but Bon Scott just
MADE AC/DC what it was (and they've never been as good
after his unfortunate demise)!


this seems like something joel from mst3k would make up to make fun of real rock music


In a country filled with beautiful women, why they choose THAT girl???
I like the song though!


Dave Evans obviously didn't pack the heat that Bon Scott did:


The released version of the song, that is.


This is the promo video for this song, The released version is probably better. I heard most of this band's songs, They weren't half bad.


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