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May 18, 2007



Mike - The Wire is definitely tops. Haven't had HBO since the end of the 3rd season, so I'm not up to date either. Omar is a great character, to be sure. Everyone likes a bad guy with a moral center and a code of personal ethics.

I also really liked the ill-fated Ziggy from season 2; the Ziggy actor (James Ransone) is also known for his infamous real-time masturbation scene in the film Ken Park.

Just for shits 'n' giggles, here's a link to my IMDb comment on the show:

Mike Lupica

Oh man, don't get me started on Ziggy. I once stopped just short of hurling a plate of food across my apartment and screaming: "HOW CAN ANYONE BE SO STUPID?" at the television.


Mike, et al. (fancy, huh?)

I would take issue with you comments, Mike, on one point...there has never been a better televisial offering. I'm reflecting on my vast experience with my-friend-mother-secret lover--television and nothing at all stands up to the intelligence, sophistication and honesty of this show. All of the writers and actors are top notch (with MKW being a fave of mine as well. I'm caught up all the way (nyah) and I've never once detected a false note at all.

I'm at a loss to understand why the most overhyped show of the decade, The Sopranos, gets all the accolades and The Wire is all but ignored.

At least we get a season 5, which is all the producers wanted. Thank god.

Talk it up, brother, talk it up whenever you can.


PS--So far the only video I've loaded on the ipod is season 2.


I was thinking for a while that the Wire is better than the Sopranos. Then I re-watched the Sopranos and changed my mind back. These last few episodes have been fantastic. The Wire is tighter but the Sopranos does a better job at developing its characters. Only Stringer Bell and Omar are as fully developed as nearly all of the major characters in the Sopranos. Maybe Carcetti. I

Bee-Bop A-Rizzel

I've been dying to find this track, "Self-Destruction" by The Stop The Violence Movement. It features such great MC's as KRS-One, MC Lyte and Public Enemy. If somebody has this mp3, I've been dying to find it.

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