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May 22, 2007


Listener Howard

Menudo is on the list, too!


I love that Band Aid is on there...wasn't all that money supposed to go to charity?


How often is this list updated? Tom Jobim is on it and he passed away more than 10 years ago...


Chuck Dukowski was on there, I sent him an email telling him about it. It took me 10 whole seconds to track down his email with Google.


Ted Nugent is a well know animal abuser and is most likely hunted by Animal Right Groups.
Nugent, years ago, displayed a goolish sense of satisfaction in killing animals with bows and arrows in an abnormal blood bath.
Some day someone will get him and he knows it.


funny story about 'sound exchange...' i ran the austin 'sound exchange records' for over a decade; we were sister store to the original one in houston. one day in the late 90s, the long-time managers of the houston store got a call from the owner, wanting to sell their store to them. they jumped at the chance, gave him a down payment, and agreed to a payment schedule on the balance.

the owner ALSO sold the rights to '' to kurt and kevin. BWAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAA. and this from a man who liked to tell people what a smart business man he was.

anyways, the riaa soon comes sniffing, and eventually offers a rather tidy sum of money to kurt and kevin for the domain name. sure, it was dirty money, but their rationale is that they could pay off the debts and own the store free and clear, and then some.
plus, they gave our store a nice chunk of it (cuz they is swell people), and we used it to have a poison 13 / motards reunion block party in the alley.

i still cringe whenever i see 'soundexchange' in the riaa context, but it was all worth it just to see the store owner take a financial pole up the chute .....


The contact section of their website has phone numbers for the ever-diligent directors who are toiling away trying to find these artists. I'm just holding out the hope that one or more of these artists record their conversation when they call to reveal themselves.

As ridiculous as this item is, its the premise that Ted Nugent is being "hunted" by animal rights activists that has me giggling uncontrollably...


Frankly, Ted looks kinda gamey... I think he has the mange. Would make a good trophy though, I could see that his head would mount up nicely. Maybe with a big grimace.

Hey Ken, why don't you contact the Nuge care of the station and try to arrange a summit meeting with SoundExchange. The recording of that conference call would bring more traffic to this site than a beer giveaway...

Jacob Haller

Hmm, Paul Geremia (who a cousin of mine went to college with) is on the list. I'll send my cousin a note and see if he can get the information to him ... it's probably not a lot of money but every little bit helps.

I Want to Live Forever

Damn --- the cousin of a guy who went to college with Paul Germenia! Can I get your autograph?

Raymund Brewer

Ted, wow if you read this i am blown away. I have loved everything you stand for since i was 12 years old. My cousin whom is a sheriff in Nuevo California bought me a greatest hits of yours back in the early eighties i thought, evan he knows what a upstanding, real man you are. Thank you for the years of insperation on guitar and, the freedom to own a firearm you have been. I sure wish you where leading the country, you have alot more depth than the rest of these guys. Thank You, Raymund Brewer


You are a bit late with post. Any way, thank You!


Hey my name is baylee poore i am a girl from alabama!me my sister and dad love to hunt. in the past 4 years that i have been killing deer i have killed 1 doe 2 spikes 1 fivepoint 1six point and 2 8 points.i am 11 and my sister is 7.
my little sister has killed 1 deer it was a doe it was the frist deer she shot at.i have killed 7 deer and i have only had to shoot 7 times. my dad tought us that when you do not kill some of the animals they get sick and die but when you kill the older ones then you are doing a good thing because you are makeing more food for the other animals and a leslikey chance for the animals to get sick. thank you for reading and i am sso sorry if the spelling is off i was in a hurry when i typed this.please email me !

I would love to see what would happen if one of you bleeding heart liberal hippies tried to hunt Uncle Ted Nugent on his land. Just try it if you think you are a true american thet supports the constitution. Otherwise move to France where we dont have to hear from you and you don't have to worry about hunting.
"You can't do that in France." - Ted Nugent


Ted Nugent is the Spirit of the Wild. Keep on keeping on!

Raymund Brewer

I was driving along up in Victorville Ca,listening to the radio and Stranglehold came on. That sure is an ageless song. I's a work of art Ted, still feels like the first time I heard it when I was a kid.

Garrett Ralston

Ted is a bad ass guitar player for one, is a hunter and conservationist, and truly cares about the freedoms we have in this country. I won't bash anyone who doesnt like those things will just say leave old Ted alone. He just loves what he does. Isnt this America?

Terry Freeman

Uncle Ted is awesome and has done more for wildlife in the past 6 months than the ASPCA, HSUS and PETA have done COMBINED since INCEPTION!..... Look up the facts, Peta kills more kittens a YEAR than Nuge has deer, elk, turkey, bear, squirrel and hog in his lifetime combined, but he's steadily working to close the gap.

Raymund Brewer

I was watching you tube and saw sombody challange Ted. That's stupid o.k. you give Ted some paper clips and some rubber band like Mcgiver and He's gonna kick your ass. Step down and let Ted be Ted you might live longeer.

Raymund Brewer

terminus eldorado, now that's funky.

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