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May 10, 2007



As far as graphic novel material goes, the recent hardcover King Kat Classics collection of John Porcellino's King Cat minicomic is a must read. It's beautiful.


I'm with you on that one James, the king kat HC is a beautiful book from a true artist. I don't want to bog this post down with new stuff though, old books make for fine summer reading as well.


I loved Red Lights (another NYRB Simenon): http://www.nybooks.com/shop/product?usca_p=t&product_id=5426
I've been meaning to check out more.

Holland Oats

Been book-dry for a couple weeks now, it sucks. I'm going to trust you on "The Engagement"! Shakespeare & Co. here I come...


One more graphic novel: Ragmop by Rob Walton. He had to stop publishing the comic before the story was finished, but now the whole thing has been collected into a TPB that includes the back-up feature on Wealth of Nations as well as a conclusion to the saga of Thrill Kitten and the O-Ring.

Listener # 109577

I'm looking forward to "Shakespeare" By Another Name: The Life of Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, The Man Who Was Shakespeare -- by Mark Anderson.

I've never been a fan of anti-Shakespeare cultists who claim to have found the "real" Shakespeare -- mainly out of a belief that it would require extraordinary proof to dislodge an extrordinary playwright from his traditional position -- but now I have begun to entertain doubts. This after listening to Anderson's podcast of some of the highlights of his book, at http://shakespearebyanothername.com/audio.html

It's easy to love Will Shakespeare the enigma but, at least for a season, I'm willing to be fascinated by Edward de Vere, the real man.

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