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May 08, 2007


Jonathan Ward

Mike -
Have you ever heard the "trallaleri" version of "In the Mood," as performed by the longshoremen of Genoa and recorded by Alan Lomax in the 1950s? It's on the Trallaleri CD of Lomax's Italian Treasury series. Not only is the entire disc amazing, but that tune...yow.


Obviously the soloist has listened to a little too much Maynard Fergesun. Or mayhaps not enough. I too yearn for the days when Clay will once again grace the airwaves, and am happy to have this little touch of his sensibilities to tide me over.


This sounds just like the Tastee Brothers.
Check out their sound files here:

Check out their rendition of the Hummel Concerto:

Happy Birthday:

Their treatment of Salsa:

And, my personal favorite -- the meow mix commercial:

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