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May 22, 2007


Danne D

Woohoo - cool to see Steinski and $mall change back, certainly a sorely missed program. Of course, always tough to see some folks off for a cycle especially stalwarts like Irwin and Pat Duncan.

Anyhow, I took the liberty of figuring out the the list of changes - I think I got 'em all covered.
An (M) next to a show means it's moved

Jason E replaces Flaming Robot Wed 6-9a (web)
Dan Bodah replaces Bill Zurat Fri 6-9a (web)
Bill Mac replaces Dan Bodah(M) Sun 6-9a
Kenny G replaces Irwin Wed Noon-3p
Do or DIY replaces Ed Shepp Thur 6-7p
Mudd Up replaces Phuj Factory Wed 7-8p
Steinski replaces Prof Dum Dum Thur 7-8p
Gateway to Joy replaces Noah(M) Wed 11p-2a
Noah repaces Pat Duncan Thur 11p-2a
Acapulco Sweat replaces Pseu Braun Fri 8-11p
Tony Rettman replaces Mita! Tue Late Night 2-6a
$mall Change replaces Tony Rettman(M) Wed Late Night 2-6a
Scott McDowell replaces Jason E(M) Thur Late Night 2-6a


DJ Rupture, Steinski AND Kenny G is back!! Me thanks you!

Janey Yonkers

How can Kenny G. "replace" Irwin, when they are the same person?


Pseu! Pseu!
Where are you?
I was eagerly awaiting a reprise of your Summer Power Pop format.

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