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May 03, 2007



Another good one (well, not so good) is Steve Dahl's "Do You Think I'm Disco," which was released in the wake of his Comiskey Park disco record burning.

He also recorded a version of "My Sharona" called "Ayatollah," but I don't know if that ever came out on a record.


The existence of Disco Duck is bad enough. Even more depressing - it was the only hit for the label Estelle Axton formed after selling her share in Stax Records. What a fall!

fatty jubbo

Disco Duck was one of my first records. I loved it.

Rory Murray

Thanks Guys!
I haven't heard 'Cecil' for over 30 years, back when Dr. Demento ruled the airwaves at KMET (little bit of Heaven,94.7FM). At that time, the real Don Steele, an AM jock hosted a show called BOSS CITY. This show featured an extremely foxy female dancer by the name of CAM NELSON. Does anyone out there know what became of this blonde beauty from the late 1960's?!!

Ron Erwin

I was just starting my radio career at KHAT when Long John Roller went up the flagpole. I remember visiting at night when the honey bucket was lowered and some female visitors went up. Apparently somebody's male friend found out and one night, after John came down from the pole, we were standing outside the country station where I worked and talking. Someone took a shot at John, which missed us both. At least I think it was directed at John. I don't know what happened to him after.

Peter Altschuler

Murray actually recorded several novelty records... before he became a disk jockey: "Out of the Bushes" and "The Crazy Otto Rag." And, of course, he co-wrote the lyrics to "Splish Splash."

Dale Hazelton

WCBS played that Harry Harrison thing every holiday season, I believe. It's burned into my memory from the 80's, when I first started listening to them. I still remember his banter with Mr. G in the morning. I finally tuned out, they never seemed to evolve, but I guess that is what was so nice about the station. I miss Cousin Brucie though.

And Ron--I don't want to even imagine the honey bucket! Who got the privilege of emptying it?

Tracy (Trace The Ace) Reynolds

Look for a single from Briggs Gordon "They Changing All The Signs" I think this was when Briggs was in Illinois. He was a DJ in Bowling Green and Paducah, Kentucky and hosted a kid's cartoon show in Cairo(?) Illinois as Uncle Briggs in the early 80's. The local college, SIU (?) devoted a two page spread to him in teir yearbook. The song wsa about changing highway distance signs from miles to kilometers. Listening to Briggs in Bowling Geen, KY is why I got into radio.

Ron Gerber

Steve Dahl's "Ayatollah" did in fact come out as a 45. I have it at home in a small pile of songs I will never ever play on the air, along with "Bomb Iran". Really repugnant stuff.

Rick Dees's follow-up single to "Disco Duck" was "Disgorilla", which is pretty much what you think it is.

I'm surprised no one's mentioned Casey Kasem. I know of three records of his, and there may be more: the singles "A Letter From Elena" and "No Blade Of Grass", as well as the full album "Astrology For Young Lovers".

Doctor Demento fans may remember "Rock Me Jerry Lewis" by Mike Elliott & Bud LaTour. Mike still works in radio in Bangor, Maine, and I had the privilege of working with him at KRQ/Tucson in the mid-'90s.

I believe that Nervous Norvus ("Transfusion") was a DJ.

And Peter Wolf, the lead singer for the J. Geils Band, was a DJ.


I totally dig 'Lone Twister'...rides that line between 'stupid and clever'. Don't forget the amazing 'Fat Daddy's Christmas' by Baltimore DJ 'Fat Daddy' that popped up on the John Waters Xmas comp a couple years back.

Johnny Donovan

I have been searching for a Scott Muni air check to use on the WABC yearly "Rewound " special for years. Don't know if Scott would want to be remembered for that tune. (G) If anybody has a Scott Muni on WABC air check that can be restored me at WABC radio.


I remember hearing 'Letter to an Unborn Child' on Stern in the mid-80s. I also remember that Vanilla Bean sorta handed it over to the show, and was pissed that Stern didn't give him any credit for doing so.


Steve Dahl not only had Do You think I'm Disco and Ayatollah, but dozens more... most played only on air. However, a few years ago, several of his parodies (and some originals) were released on his 4-CD retrospective "20 Years in the Can." (www/ I grew up listening to Steve Dahl & Garry Meier, and really enjoy the Stever's music.

Ken K.

Harry Harrison's "May You Always" was in fact issued as a single, on the Amy label. It actually reached #17 on WMCA's weekly survey at the time. (WABC, predictably, never played it). WCBS-FM would play it when they would count down the WMCA Survey from that time. It also made the Billboard "Christmas Singles" chart.


That "Wolfman Boogie" should be part 2, shouldn't it? The album listed in its ID3 tag can be traced to showing part 2, not part 1; check & and listen to their samples to verify.

Steven A.

I don't why WCBS-FM at the time should've evolved. But Harry Harrison's May You Always around the Holidays had an important message in it. Something that a lot of people don't want to live by.


i am looking for the original emporor rosco show,60s,sounded like a mix of future sound fx,with rosko bieng himself,and the best motown on the planet,it was a album,rosko even says,"flip this over to side two,and i got a special message just for you"at the end of side one, and then starts off with "come on over".
can anyone help me with this please?
Regards mike.

Kay Butler

I noticed Ron Erwin's comment on this topic. I'm looking for Ron for a class reunion to be held in Phoenix in November 2008. Can someone get my email address to him?

I'm looking for RON ERWIN for a class reunion to be held in Phoenix in November 2008. Can someone send my email address to him...or can YOU give me an address or phone number for him?


Disco Duck by Rick Dees & his Cast of Idiots-who were actually the studio musicians-topped the charts with this incredible disc which in the disco age managed to sound like a 60s song especially Dear Lady Twist by Gary U S Bonds.
The disc in fact was just about the last true classic in a tradition which began with Chubby Checker and at least 2 years into the British Invasion.
Manfred Mann could have done this one.So in fact could Chubby Checker.
I mean look at that great lyric of profoundness:
"Went to a party the other night
All the ladies were treating me right...."
That's pure Freddie Cannon.Its pure Fabian.Its pure Kingsmen.
Its a lyric which goes on with an even more incredible line:
" on my knees and began to cluck
Look at me I'm the Disco Duck..."
Thats absolute genius.Perfect rhyming and perfect phrasing.
Disco Duck needs to be restored to its Frat Greatness.
And all you who knock this record ought to remember its only lighthearted fun like David Seville's Witch Doctor.But somewhere along the way Dees created a classic


Missed out here is JACK GALE who discovered my penfriend GINNY WRIGHT in 1953.He cut a single called High School Deck of Cards which is quite hilarious:
"...and when I look at the 5 it reminds me of the number of years I've wasted here....."
The lyric goes on to indicate that the narrator didn't like school!
Gale has a website and has written a book about his radio years which you can get autographed straight from him


"The Flag" by former LA radio DJ Charlie Van Dyke. Came out during the bicentennial. I still have the 45.

I heard a sample of "Ayatollah" by Steve Dahl. That version said "The Shaw's hangin' out and he's taking chemotherapy." The version that I remember on Dr. Demento said, "The Shaw's in New York and he's taking chemotherapy." Why the 2 versions?


I am looking for a lp by Rosko (William Roscoe Mercer) named PRIVAE MOMENTS .

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