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May 27, 2007


Vic Perry

This is a great post. All of this background material on these guys is most welcome.

Sorry to see that Jackie Mason has become one more member of the "right wing guys stick together" club, a world where he feels compelled to go on tv to defend Mel Gibson's anti-semitism because the really important thing is hating liberals together.


great article!


I saw that Joe Rogan video. Good for him. It's one thing to hire someone to write jokes for you. It's another to hear a comedian tell a joke, and then steal it as your own. Funny you should show that Get Smart LP Cover. I just shared that on my blog courtesy of the late MondoDaddykin blog. Great article.

Holland Oats

ah, jack davis...

Yeah, nice post. I haven't seen Mason's YouTube rants, and while they sound like they are supposed to be facetiously against YouTube, I wouldn't be surprised that they aren't, as I've witnessed his hypocrisy firsthand. Back in 1995 he was on some show called Chicken Soup and also getting notice for a rant about how crappy and overpriced Starbucks is. So where should he wander in to one fine day but the Starbucks I worked at, nearish Times Square. He ordered his "overpriced, burnt coffee," or whatever it is he would call it, and then luxuriated at a table for an hour, regaling his entourage (yes, you heard right) with whatever thoughts were on his mind, puncuated only by my coworker running out from the back for a moment to yell "Chicken Soup!" in a high, silly voice, shortly after which he left.

Jim Beaver

Interesting piece. One thing you left out, or perhaps didn't know: Bob Newhart and Jackie Mason remained close friends of Don's to his dying day. I met both of them through Don, and it was clear that they felt great friendship for him. That's saying something, since Don wasn't an easy person to know. At any rate, they seem not to have allowed a little pilfering to strain their friendships. And you're right, Don hated stand-up. Not really stand-up itself. Rather, he hated live performance. I remember he got extremely nervous and uncomfortable before a live-audience episode of Growing Pains or something like that.

Oh, another thing about your exposé: if Don were alive, he'd tell the story on himself. Of that I have no doubt.

Jim Beaver
Don Adams's son-in-law


Thanks for checking in with us, Jim, and come on back again anytime. I remember seeing Adams on the Carson show, recounting one of his early gigs. After a miserable first set, Adams said, "the band called me over." At which point, Carson's own band started to break up, and Carson remarked that "they already know what's coming." You can guess the rest, but it involved Adams getting back up on stage and screaming "GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" over and over.


Who said "All artists borrow, great artists steal"
Dali or Picasso? Someone like that.


How could you forget Denis Leary stealing from Bill Hicks? I know that was covered in another post in dec. 2006 but you could have at least alluded to it.


Hey Kliph,
I was listening to The Mirth Parade, a show from 1933 with Don Wilson and heard "Senor Asthma" (who sounded like Bob Burns) do the "Guy on the bill ahead of me was so bad the audience was still hissing when I went on" joke. Maybe it's from the Joe Miller Jokebook.
Keep up the great work. I'm constantly amazed by the scope of your show and the breadth of your material.


I don't know much about this, but I still think Don was a great comedian, a born actor and a really great guy.

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