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May 26, 2007



Watching with sound off, not knowing what's going on, my first impression: "Wow. What a pathetic pit! In my day, there would be some fisticuffs! Boring, boring, boring..."

And then something amazing happened.

That's a pretty neat way to get dead!

Chuck Jones

I was also watching with the sound off, but I turned it on just as the crowd came together.

Where was this?


Wow! Some background please!

fatty jubbo

man- I was really hoping it was that Jicy Juice commercial where the kid goes, "I'm High Fructose Corn Syrup" and a glob of syrup blobs down his bulbous side.


Is this part of a growing trend?


So, er, where is this and who's the band on stage?



Mike Lupica

Ha ha ha!! Yeah, I can just about hear it: TONIGHT! WE DINE! IN HELL!!!


That are a LOT of Darwin Awards.

The Actually Does

I was totally taken off guard. Those kids need a decent war to go to.


hello, does anybody know where is this and who's the band?

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