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June 22, 2007


boy novice

This is the most hilarious (and horrificly awful) music I have heard in a long, long time.

It must be a joke, please tell me it's a joke.


The first track sounds like a demo by The Divine Comedy - bar the lyrics, of course!


This is no joke, my friends. Attempting to cash in on the biggest national tragedy of our generation must be harder than it seems.

Louisville Dan

I am so thankful for affordable home recording gear, otherwise we would never hear the likes of this! Thank you Clayton.

The Meat Beetles

This is one of the worst albums we've ever heard. Thanks for posting it!


This reminds me of Delmar Donnell, who recently passed away. Most famous for pressing one of the earliest rap records ("Philosphy Rapping Spree" by the Super 3, back in 1980), he was continually putting out his own RnB home productions (there are a couple on cdbaby I see), including a 9/11 tribute that was, well. . . comparable to this mystery cd: earnest but ridiculous, and ultimately of no solace to the vicitms or their families. If you worked at an "urban related" record company in the last 5 - 10 years you probably got a call or demo package from him at one point, he always had "a real hot record, guaranteed million seller worldwide, just for you guys" etc.


Thanks, guys. I'd love to hear some Delmar Donnell sometime. I wonder if he had anything to do with J&H Productions.

pea hix

this kinda sounds like song poems to me...

dan s.

Hehe makes me think of Morrisey for some reason...


Morrissey and this guy really oughta get together and book a tour. They could open up for Modest Mouse and Johnny Marr.

Norm Loman

Two questions:
What was this guy thinking when he made this terrible music.
Also, where did he find Wesley Willis' keyboard?


1. Money, probably. An unrealistic thought, to be sure.
2. Wesley Willis' keyboard could kick this guy's keyboard's ass.


I play this entire album at 3AM every Saturday on my radio show.

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