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June 25, 2007


Jonathan Ward

This is a good one - I've long thought that "Tele-Op Blues" is probably the only industrial show track sung from the point of view of a telephone operator. (Pretty frickin' arcane...) It's especially good for a British industrial. There were, in fact, quite a few British industrial shows, however most of them were pressed on 45, which would feature just a couple tracks from the show or presentation...Kraft, International Harvester, Schweppes, Esso...There were actually a decent handful of Australian industrial shows on record too...

The Dr Winston O' Boogie Tribute Show

Truly wonderful, what I like about these recordings is that they are so much an artifact of the time. This could really only be made in 1973. Can we have more British industrial records like this?

Toby Mitchell

Just wanted to say that Malcolm Mitchell was my dad. I was Googling him this evening and came across this. Fantastic, never heard it before - thank you! For info, he sings on many of the tracks as well as being narrator... And as a by the way, he died 10 years ago today - i.e. 9 March 1998. Sorely missed...

David Noades

Hi Toby. I'm so glad you found this. I have some other similar Malcolm Mitchell recordings if you'd like to get in contact at [email protected] Thanks.


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