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June 27, 2007


Awesome- these cannucks got skillz! Can you post more songs from 'Good Times'?

Jason Hall

"Star Wars.... Those Crazy Star Wars...." Where is Bill Murray when you need him?

The Contrarian

This, of course, reminds me of Bill Murray's rendition of the Star Wars theme from an old SNL.


Seems to be a cover of MECO's cover of Star Wars. I remember loving the MECO song when I was a kid.


Dad is wookielicious. He can bomb my Death Star any time, any galaxy.


And Bill Murray's accompanist was Paul Shafer from....Thunder Bay, Ont!


As a Winnipeger this gives me very mixed emotions.

Curtis Austin

Wow an obscurity from my hometown. Colour me impressed. I remember seeing the Bordens play a few times at the Loyal Order of the Forrester's Hall.
Thanks so much for digging this up.


Where are they now?

Gary played with a metal band during the 90s:

Mom Jeannette (Denby) rocks out as accordionist for Ukranian band "The Sounds of the Steppes":

Gary engineered, co-mixed and co-produced their CD!


Hah! I grew up in Thunder Bay, and my mom's from Dryden. I'll have to ask her about this magical musical family of wonders.


As a Vancouverite it confirms my suspicions.

Greedo was Chewie's college roommate

I was so ready for the Cantina/Copacabana medley they almost went into there for a second right before dropping into the snake charming. Curse those darn Bordens, they always knew how to leave you begging for more.


This one looks to be a hit. I hope your servers are up to it. Looks groovy - bookmarked for later.


This isn't bad, but is nothing compared to Meco's "Star Wars & Other Galactic Funk"

Beau Levitt

In response to the first person; believe me when I say this is the only song on the album you'd want to hear...thanks for the update, Darryl!


I especially enjoyed the Can-Con stamp of approval on the bottom of the back cover.


Reminds me of a Sufjan song.


I love the way they've gotten chords wrong all over the place, having figured it out by ear as well as they could. Great band sound -- I'd like to live in it 24/7 while wandering around in a terrycloth bathrobe.


Anyone who digs this, be sure to check out Star Wars Galactic Funk by Meco... sounds very similar.


Bill Murray singing Star Wars:
Star Wars disco theme by Meco:


I'm getting married next May and would very much like The Bordens to play at my wedding. Please tell me how I may be put in contact with them so that my guests may enjoy their musical stylings.


This is an update to the Borden's
WOW !!!
I am so surprised to see this on the net.
I am Jeannette the accordion player from a way back then. Have we come a long way since then!!!
Thank you for putting this old album on this site, and thank you to all that made the comments. It is very interesting to hear what people think or say.
I am now playing with a group called the Sounds of the Steppes. Our Website is:
My son Gary is a studio musician, has his own recording studio, plays with many well know bands. He is a producer,writer, etc in the music field.
George is still also playing in the Thunder Bay excellent accordion performer.
We lost Roger in 1988, and it is this album of the Borden's that will forever keep Roger's talent of music alive.
Thank you again so much.


I can't hear the accordion in this, is dad laying out?

Jeannette Denby

Thank you eveyone !!!
It is awesome to hear the comments......
As you see I haven't seen this since 2007.
2010....where have all these years gone.
All of you should check out Gary Borden's site. There is talent to behold.
We love him and he is producing an album to shortly come out that will knock your socks off.
Some of the fellow musicians that he knows are on this and I shall let you know when it is hitting the airwaves etc.
Take Care
Hugsssss to ll


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