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June 30, 2007


Gamma Goblin

Actually, there are two references, theres an image of the single and reference to it in the discoraphy [pdf].

Is it me or is he a bit like Tony Ashton on that Move It song?

Tim B.

This has nothing to do with this Chubby Checker record, but I was reminded of this & wanted to mention it: Earlier this week I was over at the sale at the Archive For Contemporary Music, and found a Meadowlark Lemon album. I thought to myself, this is a "WFMU special" if there ever was one. He mentions it on his website: It made me smile...

pea hix

chubby also put out a psychedelic rock album that's pretty amazing, more so than you might think...

The Swill Man

Good catch there, Gamma Goblin. I was looking for a 12" with an orange label when I was going through those pictures; my eyes weren't peeled for a while-label 7".


am i the only one whose jaw was dropped by "the rub?" i mean, geez...


"The Rub"!
I remember taping Chubby (On audio cassette) performing this classic on either "The Midnight Special" or Don Kirshner's Rock Concert", around '76 or so.
My adolescent friends and I chuckled smarmily as we listened to his exhortation to "rub me, rub me baby." I thought I'd never find a copy of this record.
Thanks, Swill!


Yes-- I second the recommendation of the Chubby Checker psychedlic album, it was reissued recently, and it's suprisingly good. If I'm not mistaken it was recorded in Europe (Holland? Denmark?) with studio musicians.


His psych stuff (as far as I know only available on a Spanish cassette called Chequered/New Revelation!) is pretty good, yeah. "If the Sun Stops Shining" is just straight-up gorgeous. "Goodbye Victoria," "Love Tunnel," "Let's Go Down" and "My Mind," which was actually posted on Beware the Blog almost two years ago, are all quite good as well.

Scott Mercer

Ouch, the Amherst label!

They were (are?) based out of that hotbed of musical activity, Buffalo New York.

I believe they later released the turgid (but hit making) Golden Throat classic "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" by Glenn Medieros.

Don't ask me why I know or remember that. It's a result of pawing through boxes of old 45's for upwards of two decades.

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