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June 03, 2007



as much as i loved High Society(and who of our age back then didn't?), i would venture that Hustler topped this with their scratch'n'sniff pussy issue.


The main thing I loved about High Society was all of the Celebrity Nudes they showed. Many of which I'm sure are now plastered all over the internet.

Dale Hazelton

I know I'm getting old when my only comment about those mags is about how poorly they were designed and printed. In the 80s Playboy had great photographers, writing and FANTASTIC illustrators on tap...Marshall Arisman, Braldt Bralds, Kinuko Craft, Anita Kunz etc. That kept me buying Playboy even though though the pictorials were pretty lame. Those other mags DID have the very young and very illegal Tracy Lords, however.


Is that cover model Shauna Grant, AKA Colleen Applegate?


how much did you pay for this on ebay? did you get the mag with it?
i see that issue #1 from 1976 went for 41 bux-
i still have my larry flynt for president bumper sticker-maybe this year i'll
use it!

Mr. Gorilla

I purchased the entire magazine on EBay, not just the record. I think I paid like $8 for it. Not more than $20, I am sure.

As for the cover model, I don't think it's Shauna Grant. I'll check when I get home. If it is, I will post.

Screamin' Demon

Please, would someone duct tape that dumb chick's mouth shut? Talk about annoying!


I don't think this issue was ever sold in Canada. I would have bought it fer sure!


Ah,about porn such as High Society not being available to 16-year-old high school kids in 1982 & any sort of non-print media porn was out of the question until the fall of 1982. In 1982,I was nine and ten years old,and even before then I had access to porn. That's if I was into porn back then,which I wasn't. It wasn't until a couple of years later that I got into porn,after I turned 12. And at that time,High Society's December 1982 issue was my very first porn magazine and not even two months later Taboo II (1982) had became my very first pornograghic film. So it seems that the year 1982 made it's way back to one 12 year old kid. I can recap so much of my life in "82." I was a geeky 9 & 10 year old who loved MTV,I was a HUGE Star Wars fan waiting for the release Return of the Jedi,loved WWF wrestling and cried my eyes out at the end of E.T.
If only I could have added High Society & Taboo II to that list,but I was too young to really enjoy good porn. So needless to say,when I found your blog,it brought back real memories. A 12 yo kid buying his first porn mag from a garage sale for 25 cents. The cover,and some of the pages were missing. And I didn't get the record with it. But it was "What Is A New York Girl,Poppin'The Cherry,Kitty: Society's Child & a 20 yo Sylvia Benedict's pictorials that made me fall in love with that magazine. In fact,I still have that old torn up magazine packed away in a box somewhere. Thank you for posting such a great blog Mr. Gorilla,and you ever run across another good deal on that magazine & record then please let me know.
Or anyone runs across a deal on Taboo 1 to 4,and Hustler's scratch'n'sniff pussy issue. I've never seen the scratch'n'sniff pussy issue.


I cannot thank you enough for posting this! I've been looking for this record ing for at least 20 years! Like the original story above for the posting, this record was my teenage "go to" thing for making a batch of glue. I could recall it in my head at a moments notice and make a batch, but listening to it was always the way to go.

Ya know... I never even thought of eBay. I could have never remembered the issue or year to have track it down anyway. The only thing I remember is Shauna Grant. She was the "virgin" pictorial to go with it.

Oh My God... thank you! The circle is now complete!


I think the same girl did the other record I have by "Candy O", the voice sounds the same. Got any other records? You have this, I have the one I have, and this websight has this

my last message didnt work out...

I also have a record, from "High Society" by "Candy" and the voice sounds the same!!!

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