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June 05, 2007



When "Goin' Out of My Head" was part of the original 365 days project, I downloaded it and would play the song every Friday afternoon at work, driving my coworkers nuts- at first. Slowly, I wore them down until when I played the opening notes everyone in the office would start singing a line or two in the same offkey voice. Later, I used an mp3 cutter to make three second samples from the song of just the horribly beautiful sax, or just the vocals and would randomly play them throughout the workday. Their version of "Goin' Out Of My Head" is right up there with Sondra Brill's "Saving All My Love For You" as the very best of the worst of the original 365 Days Project.

The Meat Beetles

Thanks for posting the whole record. We found "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" at the original 365 Days and it was love at first listen. This is REALLY going to annoy the neighbors!


may I quote..."well-meaning ineptitude that rises to empyreal absurdity"- M.S.Dworkin
or, f'n fantastic.

david holt

I would almost get married again to be able to hire these guys for the reception. The finest combo organ work this side of early Elvis Costello.

Scott Mercer

Glearugh! This reminds me the most of "The Horn Dogs," Drew Carey's band from "The Drew Carey Show." Too bad these guys didn't do "A Taste of Honey."

The Meat Beetles

Imagine our embarrassment! It was "Think I'm Going Out Of My Head" that we found at the orginal #^%! Boy are we getting old and senile or what?!?! Well, that's what listening to too much wrong music can do to you.


! don't even know exactly what to say
but that organ...
thanks oh so very much!
far out!

Roscoe at Johnson Tattoo

I found this record in a local Salvation Army vinyl bin in Garden City, MI several years ago, and tried a little internet research on the names. One of the names matched a local music teacher, and I was able to turn up an email for him. Several inquiries went unanswered - maybe he was too embarrassed to be associated with this.

reuben sandwich

I am not a fan of kitsch. If you are shooting at that, sorry! You miss it. I like your renderings, because:

You like the songs. You play them. The songs make themselves known. Works!

If the muse moves you to tenderness and subtlety, I'm sure you'll make it in fine fashion. If it doesn't, so what.

Max Effort

My name is Max Effort; I played the Sanovox on the Three Peas album and provided some of the singing. There were two vocalists; I was the lesser quality of the two being hampered by out-of-control allergies and a bad cold. The congestion really played havoc on my breathing and my vocal range. Yes, we should have rescheduled the recording date when I was healthy, but we couldn't afford to lose our deposit.
The entire album was recorded in just a couple of hours as that's all our budget allowed.
To the commenter who said he found a member who was a music teacher: I don't know who you claim you found. Not since 1975 has any member of the group worked as a music teacher.
To those comments about the "wrongness" of the music: perhaps you should learn about advanced harmonies (like major 7ths) and non-harmonic tones. It has been our experience that those who criticize the loudness are the ones with the least knowledge and experience.
You may like our music; you may not like our music. But no one has any right to declare it right or wrong. No one has ever been granted that authority.
People who have contracted with us over the years (many times, repeatedly) did so because they had a good time. That was our job -- to entertain.


This is amazing...simply amazing.


Sounds like early Soft Machine


This was pure torture to listen to.

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