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June 10, 2007



Your date is off on this fine tape. Reggie notes that Harry Caray is recently dead, and he died in February 1998. And since later he points out a shop selling souvenirs of the Bulls' 6th championship, this can't have been recorded before mid-June of 1998. June or July 1998 would be my guess.


When I spoke with Bob the other evening he mentioned it must have been 1997 or 1998, I went with 97 and had not listened to this all the way through for years - thanks mark for the date.

Chris R.

I had this same job in Philadelphia, our tours were 80-90 minutes long depending on traffic. It was hell sometimes, especially on those 95 degree days "open air." Let's face it, these aren't trolleys but buses...

I had quite the routine going by the time I was fired after 7 written (and many more phoned) complaints. The highlight of the 8 months or so was getting Ben Franklin impersonator Ralph Archibald to give us all the finger. Good times... in retrospect.


hi--Bob Nelson here! Thanks to Otis for posting my tape. I have
the original tape right here. The trolley tour was on side B
and is labeled "A tour of Chicago 6/17/98". What was on the
A-side? "Red Sox at White Sox WMVP AM 1000, 6/16/98". I went to the game and taped it while it is indeed 1998. When I
talked to Otis I couldn't recall the exact year (my only trips
to Chi were in '97 and '98) but now I've retrieved the tape
so we know for sure!


oh I almost forgot: a few years after this, I did a "salute to
Chicago" on the Juke Joint, my long running blues show on
WMWM/Salem MA. I played excerpts from this tour as well as
relevant Chicago artists and songs. To the bluesmobile...
"It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it."

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