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June 14, 2007


Lumi Kartuuni

Amazing. I like this!

Jeff Hall (keope) ...yeah :)

Wow, this is a blast from my past. It pays to google past pseudonyms and see what comes up. Thank you. The images, review and MP3s are all just wonderful. Thanks to both the contributor and to the publishing of my work.

The King & i was my first of many. But in all of it, I never really escaped obscurity, which is fine - I've had a blast and wouldn't trade a moment of it.

My only other LP was two years later also manufactured by Rainbow Records of LA. It featured my new MIDI gear replacing the old Radio Shack Moog except on one track.

These were followed by 5 cassette tapes: A Space Jazz Connection, Space-Jazz Continuum, Touch of the Child's Hand, Neolithic Age, and Chain Letter. Some of my very best stuff is on the latter two, and all of this was produced from 1990 to 1993, my most prolific song-writing period. Neolithic Age had a couple tracks which got some airplay in Lincroft N.J.

Next was my long-distance collaboration with 3 other people, a CD called keope & Friends, Worlds Apart. This one got some major airplay on that same tri-state station in Lincroft, a station in Connecticut, and was featured one Saturday afternoon on Montana Public Radio along with interviews with 2 of the other participants. During this time, I and the album were featured in an indie musician article in High Performance Review, and a nice article in the daily Turkish newspaper, Kumhuryet.

After this, I produced another CD with one of the other Worlds Apart participants called Rejoice! and Be Thankful! and mostly features her (Sally Daley) liturgical meditative music along with several we long-distance collaborated on for the project.

Next was a CD-R called Two Hearts, One Rhythm I did with my new wife who was another of the Worlds Apart people, Renee Carter.

After that a CD-R called History Repeats which archives in digital form the best tracks from the cassettes.

At present, I'm setting up the music room at our new house to see what develops. I still have those old bongos and the 4-track has been recently refurbished, ready to do some primitive stuff like at the beginning. I'd be happy to send samples of my more recent work if you're interested. :)

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