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June 15, 2007


Lumi Kartuuni

The backing track on Track 01 is none other than Paul Hardcastle's "Rain Forest"...


Thank you, Lumi! I checked Hardcastle's discography; it looks like this could've been as early as 1985, but I'm not familiar enough with the original tune to know if there were later versions.


Sounds more like Creole than French.


Thanks! I don't know French or Creole, and Chris sounds a bit unsure himself, so "glossolalia" seemed appropriate. If you have any idea what Mr. Stines is talking about, please let us know.


obviously some troubled guy with a lame record collection, a modicum of recording knowledge, and waaay too much time on his hands.


There are definitely elements of french creole in the "lyrics" - could be from the French Antilles or Haïti, it's hard to tell... my guess is Chris is the singer comes from these parts but tries to ad lib, mixing english and his own language.


Thanks, guys. lanesill, I'm in the process of tracking down the person who helped Chris to record the vocals, so I think "modicum" is perhaps too generous a word. Still, these songs warm my heart like an anti-antacid.


I can't believe it! A few years ago my friends and I came across Chris watching public televsion at 3am...during his weekly show! Needless to say...we still frequently make references to what we saw and heard - Chris (looking coked up) presenting his new video, dancing through the streets of Back Bay in Boston, to a Michael Jackson song...moonwalk and all!


Incredible! If there's any way you can nab some video, I'd be glad to to host it.


I can't help but notice your silhouette is of a black person. So you do know that much about him.


Nope. It's a white kid. Found him by searching for "jerk" on Google images. I recommend that you turn safe search on.


I wish we could "show you what we got" in reference to the video that RT mentioned in his previous comment. It's pure gold, but was on an old VHS tape that was accidentally thrown out. Basically, he looks Brazillian or Poretuguese, was about 30 or 35 in the video, is wearing all white and dancing like a maniac about a block from the Berklee College of Music campus.

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