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June 06, 2007



>>Target was being played by a girl Bull Terrier (easier to train than a male?)<<

That and they don't go around obsessively "marking" the set. Spuds McKenzie was a girl, too, which led to a great series of "Bloom County" riffs.


Frogs don't actually have penises, nor do any amphibians that I am aware of. Some reptiles have 2 though. I suppose in a just world they would share.


In the UK, the Crazy Frog appeared in a series of TV adverts, tubelike penis unashamedly on view. Then one day it was covered by a mobile black rectangle. They hadn't redesigned the frog, or rerendered the animation, they'd just superimposed a censoring geometric shape, and wherever the penis went, the rectangle went too.

Why? Some parents (christians, obviously) had complained that their young children (some of who presumably had penises) should not be "exposed" to such images so early in life. These were obviously children who'd never seen a dog.

Anyway, the rectangle was a lot more noticible, and a lot more silly, and indeed a lot more anatomically incorrect, than the original frog organ.

Brooklyn Bridget

Kapitano, why do you assume that the people who complained were Christians? There are plenty of other religious beliefs that find it sinful to display the imaginary genitalia of cartoon amphibians.


Bridget, everytime Crazy Frog gets an erection, the baby Jesus cries.

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I don't agree with the tricked-out post-production, but still of some interest.

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the new bin at the radio station. It was really annoying so I played one of the songs on my show, and afterwards Program Director Brian told me that while Crazy Frog in Europe has a little penis, the Americanized Crazy Frog is completely smooth down there. This is not just an animal, it is also a cartoon, but even cartoons must not have peepees in the land of permanent war.

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