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June 29, 2007


Krys O.

Cool beans! Berger, you're posts on cassettes is the ginchiest! Thankee.

Boog Powell Unmoderatedly

Sgood sall good

Ray Brazen

Ray Zinnbrazen here with some commentary...

First of all, wow, Bill, I think you may have written the definitive rock-encyclopedia encapsulation of my Lo-Fi history; it gives me pause to read something like this as analyses of this sort aren't written about me every day. And I giggle at the phrase "idiosyncratically reedy but note-perfect delivery." Sure wish I'd turned that one myself.

Gotta admit, while I'm still proud of my work of the late eighties, I do cringe when I hear certain parts of the TAKEDOWNS opus today, especially my embarrasing Nugent impression and the Monty Hall bits I inserted on the last track, but my versions of "Autobahn" and "Fractured Mirror" remain personal faves of mine and this is not the first time Bill has said he prefers my version of "Elemental Child" in my humbled presence.

The utterly primitive sound quality additionally is a bit harsher on my ears now than it was then, but... you know, home recording will never be the same anymore now that the technology available is so advanced that you can now make your bedroom noises sound so frigging hi-tech (though, to be sure, there is still some lovely home recorded music being made today, a lot of it is more along the lines of what Berger used to call "hi-fi lo-fi").

The entire work was recorded in my basement with the monstrous sound set-up I utilized to make my own music at the time: instead of plugging into a regular amp, I opted to go directly through my stereo which had two humongous speakers wired up to it, record the basic guitar track through my boombox, and then play the resulting tracks through my good cassette deck while I rolled another tape in the boombox and added whatever I wanted to put on top. Even with the horrid sound quality I can still hear the density in the sound. Truly lo-fi! A lost art, I tell you.

The lo-fi days were such fun, fun, fun for all involved. I'm still grateful to Bill for organizing that first lo-fi night and for making the initial suggestion that Jet Screamer and I would make a good pair. Those of you who have the super-rare second volume of WFMU's short-lived "Radio as a Visual Medium" series can go back and relive the lame-vest/Zarathustra moment he so gorgeously references.

By the way, I crossed paths with Jet for the first time in ages at the Television/Apples in Stereo gig in Central Park and he became a newlywed just last month! Congratulations to he and his new bride. And just last weekend I appeared onstage with the one and only R. Stevie Moore at Luna Lounge, fulfilling a lifelong dream of getting together and doing something with him at last! Felt almost like a new Living Guitars to me... stand by for YouTube links to footage from that insane night...

Hyena SpareRib

Do I remember correctly that said gold lame vest was sewn by his mom?

John L

See the Ray (Zinnbrann) Brazen Also Sprach Zarathustra clip here:

See also


John L

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