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June 24, 2007


Shane Speal

Holy cow! This is the real Shane Speal. Somebody just sent me the link for this page. Thank you!!! I just wanted to let everybody know that we just finished a massive Cigar Box Guitar Concert in Huntsville, AL. that was filmed for a PBS documentary. Info on it can be found at the director's website:

Also, I put a link in the URL box for the Insurrection Records eBay store. They have a whole slew of cigar box guitar releases, including the Masters of the Cigar Box Guitar cd. Hey WFMU, I gotta get you guys some of these cds. Look for it in the mail soon, Lukas.

And finally, that Becks beer can banjo was made by Dik Castle of Arizona. It's one of the craziest instruments in my museum. Castle will sell these on eBay from time to time under the eBay name CANJOMAN.

Thanks again!

ps. Uh, "A Song About The Moon" was recorded as a joke. I'm laughing hysterically that you actually broadcast it!!!

Krys O.

Dave Gregory, guitarist extraordinaire and formerly with XTC has a Castrol can guitar featured on his website:
The Can

Other geetar reviews here.

Dark Holler • Hand/Eye

Shane Speal's "Stealing the Fire" CD is just about to be released on Hand/Eye...coming very soon, to WFMU and you!


Here's another of Shane's albums, and a killer one at that:

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