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June 10, 2007


King Daevid MacKenzie

...interesting thing about the Buck Ritchie single above: it's on GRC, the same Atlanta-based label that was owned by one-time Atlanta porn zillionaire Michael Thevis and had a few semi-smutty hits on the Pop and Country charts by Sammy "Chevy Van" Johns. The Ginn Music Group bought out Thevis' GRC in 1976, a year after "Chevy Van" hit, and that company's page at has a fascinating story about both Thevis and Jimmy Ginn...

Listener Kliph

Two Dick Catan tracks and some Jackie Vernon - that's a sweet fix of old timey comedy. Vernon was a great and very funny comic - although he was never able to translate it onto vinyl. His LP "The Day My Rocking Horse Died" is set to a ludicrous laugh track.

Dewi Fraunhofer

Link for Kitten On The Keys - Eddie Osbourne MP3 doesn't work.


Thanks Dewi, the link is now fixed.

Dewi Fraunhofer

Thanks for fixing the link. That's a truly great compilation of weird and wonderful music. Much appreciated.

Kip W

I have one of Tammy Faye's "Susy Moppet" dolls, which has a tiny record inside that delivers either a half dozen short and pithy sayings, or (on the Flip Side!) has a short version of "Oops There Comes A Smile."

Thanks for the Click Kids post. I was thinking "Fugitive From God" should be in the 365 day project, but I'll take anything I can get! This goes on my overloaded iPod.

Red Neckerson

The Slave-Buck Ritchie was a west coast DJ back from the 50's-70's and worked at KAYO 1150 AM Seattle Washington. Buck was famous for his Voice out there and used to do live recitations on the radio. He was also married to Bonnie Guitar who recorded Dark Moon in the late fifties for Dot and eventually became the A & R director.

Richard Brandt

So I'm not the only one who realized how easily alternate lyrics could be inserted into "Down in Carolina." I'm guessing the Four Skins weren't the only others, either.

How cool would it be if Dicky Betts were related to the Betts? Very? Not at all?


Pleeeease post the rest of the Jackie Vernon disk!!!


Pancho is fabulous and better than many lounge singers! Thanks for posting his performance!


I have found Pancho singing his stuff on You Tube:

The Big Fez

This stuff is great. Thank you for posting (reposting) this!

Thank you so much! I think that we all need to hear more of the Four Skins!


Wonderful and horrible all at once! Why do we love this stuff?
thanks guys!

Barry Saranchuk

Thanks for re-posting this!

I was so glad that "Welcome To My World" was picked for was one of my favorites.

Enjoy ,everybody!

Margaret Cornell

I have a Rick and Rosemary Wilhelm Tape and I am trying to find out what has happened to them

Djandynyc also seems that Ms. Hamaty played on a Mystic Moods Orchestra LP. Check out this Amazon link...and then read the first and second reviews of the CD reissue.
We need to know more about this woman! And I'm kind of dying to hear that whole "Japanese faves" album...hint, hint.

Kim Simpson

About that Buck Ritchey record--I'm pretty certain this isn't the same GRC label as the Atlanta Thevis one. Buck Ritchey and "Bashful" Bobby Wooten were country DJs together on KAYO in Seattle during the sixties and this particular GRC was Wooten's label which he'd started at least as early as the late fifties, when he was a Salt Lake City DJ. Wooten had retired and moved to Arkansas in the mid-70s, so I wondered if there was some sort of changing of hands, but Ginn tells me they started in '72 from the ground up...

cory countryman

Very nice blog. The 30 Stardust is awesome!

Cory Countryman


me encanta, maravilloso.


GREAT COMP. IS THERE ANY CHANCE I COULD GET A COPY OF THE FOUR SKINS WHOLE ALBUM, I'VE LOOKED EVEYWHERE FOR IT.I FOUND OUT MORE INFO ABOUT THEM A.K.A.DAVID AND THE FOUR SKINS PUT A SINGLE OUT IN 1963 CALLED" HEATWAVE/SWEET ELAINA" ON Breakaway Records BA-01. This band from Sacramento, CA was an extremely popular bar band throughout the SEVENTIES! Originally a two guitar quartet called THE FOUR SKINS, they added DAVID on keyboards and didn't want to give up the great they became DAVID And THE FOUR SKINS! They kept the dance floors full and moving with their exceptional brand of BAR BAND ROCK & ROLL Here they put their individual stamp on the Motown evergreen hit by MARTHA & THE VANDELLAS! ALL I COULD FIND IS THE SKINHEAD BAND FROM ENGLAND THE 4-SKINS. THANKS....BRYAN


Thanks so much for posting the Cheese Days polka song. I've been searching everywhere for a copy to torture my husband with. He is the anti-cheesedays-moron and I love to rub it in. Great site!

Pinball King

Another rude parody of "Carolina In tne Morning" is on the "Head Roach" LP by Sebastian, as well as many other weird songs, to put it mildly.

Pinball King

The Four Skins above were from Indiana. Believe it or not, there was a record made in 1968 by a DIFFERENT group of singing medical students called the Four Skins in Toronto, Canada!

Sister Hairy Hymen

Little Marky is either Opie or Anthony from the opie and Anthony show I do beleive.

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