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June 16, 2007



Practically speaking, a horny bomb is quite within the realm of current technology. A mixture of DMSO and viagra would probably work quite well. I'm not sure that giving enemy soldiers woodies would really impede their ability to kill; in fact it would merely add an extra dimension of unpleasantness to the whole proceedings. The idea that they would use their new found guns on each other is something only the military mind could imagine. I think it gives us some insight into the nature of the establishment in general...

OTOH, the spec did call for "annoying" weapons and this would definitely be that. Of more interest to me is just what sort of tactical advantage was envisioned from this class of weapons.

Vic Perry

The widespread use of "bad guys" among military and police personnel is possibly the very dumbest of the current dumbing-down propaganda practices, and it has gone unchallenged by every media toady in the presence of the men in these interviews.

But yeah, the idea that they thought you could make a chemical that would identify their "badness" makes you really start to understand why they would also expect a gay bomb to work: a basic lack of understanding of what human beings are.


The horny bomb idea recalls Cronenberg's Shivers / They Came From Within (1975), but the vector was parasitic rather than chemical...

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