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June 18, 2007



Seems like the ONLY ice cream truck music I hear in my region is "Music Box Dancer," which was excessively overplayed in the '70s; why now?


Hey, don't blame me for this! ;)

Dave B

I saw some pimped out Mr. Softee truck on Myrtle Ave yesterday. Had the 24's and some low profile tires, buzzbomb exhaust, and monitors in the back of the headrests! Unfortunately, it was mobile at the time, so I couldnt hear what jingle they we kickin, but from the outside looks of this thing, it was probably some dope assed sound system....

fatty jubbo

oh that's beautiful. you better take down the entire the amount of exclamation points this guy is using, he definetly means business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you would think that if he is an ice cream man looking for jingles on-line, he would know of an industry repository of ice cream truck jingles.

Ergo Phizmiz

I didn't know ice-cream men were capable of being so angry! There's another childhood idyll shattered....


He must be referring to:

Bust a Gut

Ice Cream Truck

#2 and 3 on the Hot Google 100 Hit Parade for the search "ice cream music" (no quotes). June 2005, June 2006, June 2007, do I detect a pattern?

I hear the ice cream truck coming!!!


If this guy is using google he could try adding either -wfmu or -inurl:wfmu or
-intitle:wfmu . Don't use all at once though. This should bring up the vaunted 'everybody else's ice cream music.' There are a number of books about how to do advanced searching on google.


Fuckin' A, all we get here in Crooklyn is that damned "Pop goes the weasel" over and over and over and over... Guy should be happy there's _anything_ else besides that available.


Ice Cream. If you're not now, you never were. Not even when you were five.


The angry ice cream man.
I feel a song coming on...Uh does anybody know who owns the rights to "Da da da da duddy dud, da duddy dud, da duddy dum." Shouldn't be too hard to write lyrics for that.

"I'm an angry ice cream man
I hate the kids. I hate this van.
I'm an angry ice cream man,
so here's your F@#$in' Bomb Pop.
I roll around at three p.m.
I'm more pissed off than Eminem.
Sell the bastards lots of s#12,
then light a f@#$'n fatty.

I thought this gig would be just fine,
as I ripped the doors from my Econoline
Now I wanna break some spine,
and run over someone's dog."

Hmm. I may have a hit on my hands.

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