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June 19, 2007



"We will swill no brew;
'til after two."


"Is this glass mostly empty, or mostly full?"


"Once we've selected our beer, one with a crisp yet fruity
aftertaste, we may then proceed to our platter of Leishmania
lesions, which have been delicately sauteed in butter with garlic."


"Lemmee tell yoo zumthin' elzabout California hip-hop..."

Brian B.

A confident man who knows what he likes... that's the St. Pauli man.


So, what's your sign?

K.T. Bastard

"This'll cure the herpes. ... Promise!"


I'm Scott Williams and I approved this message.


"Hmmm . . . not bad, but I bet this would be even better in an enema!"


Narrator Sotto Voce: "We've emptied an entire bottle of visine into Mr. Williams' glass of Magic Hat (c), just before going over to the jukebox and selecting 10 dollars worth of "The Prophet's Song" by Queen. With just a bit of luck the opening strains of that prog rock epic should precede the gastrintestinal fireworks such that he will have left the bar and with it close proximity to restroom just in time."

Kidding, I would never do that to any off the WFMU staff.


"I love you, man."


"Yeah, of course there are Trappist monks in Belgium. You didn't know?"


"Why yes homemade yard darts sound like the perfect gift. Those kids need to go to the park more."

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