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June 06, 2007



The ebay listing seems like a lot of work and expense to list albums that can be found virtually anywhere for a dollar or less. Between the expense and hassle of creating the listing and graphics and then having to deal with mailing vinyl LP records - I guess they must really like ebay. Personally I wouldn't list anything short of design specs for a functional perpetual motion machine on ebay, or maybe gold bars for pickup only.


That "Going Nowhere" video has the best moment of ham acting merged with smiling for the camera at about 1:49 where he sings about learning to cry... CRY! Look I'm so handsome when I SMILE!

Vic Perry

Wow! and this is the first time I've heard any other songs by Los Bravos too!!

Fave things about the ebay listing: counting it as every actual piece of vinyl instead of counting it by albums. That's 5 lps, not 8, sorry. 2nd fave thing: nobody has bid yet.

Hey I sold a record last year for more than 60 bucks! But nobody ponied up for my t.heads boot modestly priced at 80 bucks. Go figure. Better yet, contact me, quick. Otherwise I'll still have it in 20 years.


I loved "Black is Black" the first time I heard it about 10 years ago but somehow got the idea the group as Swedish. Dios mio!

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