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June 10, 2007



Mighty fine, mighty fine.

Al Barger

As perpetrator of the "weird" Stringbean website, I will cop to weird and perhaps even scary. But what "insignia" is it on my Culpepper Log that would be scary exactly? I've got a vintage American Revolution era Culpepper rattlesnake flag, an American flag, and an Israeli flag. Which one is causing your consternation? Enquiring minds want to know!

And where did you get a comparison to Lou Dobbs, of all people? As far as the thing he's most know for - immigration - I'm closer to an open borders kinda guy.

In any case, I've got more groovy MP3s and pictures of Stringbean, Grandpa Jones and all things Hee Haw than y'all can shake a stick at. Come on over and dig in.

Dale Hazelton

I remember seeing that A&E show when it was on...I knew Stringbean was dead, never knew how before I saw it. For all the bashing HeeHaw gets (and probably deserves) with it's fiberglass haybales, DaisyMae and Lil' Abner inspired costumes etc, you gotta admit they had some great veteran pickers like Grandpa and Stringbean. Roy Clark was no slouch in the banjar department either. There really was no other venue for country music like it. Porter Wagoner still was airing his program, but to me anyway, HeeHaw stole it's thunder with it's 60 minute format, outrageous humor and the HewHaw Honeys.

All the 60's and 70's variety shows like this, Sonny & Cher, Donnie & Marie etc. seem quaint now, but they really had all the workings of vaudville theater: they had comedy, music and some hoofing to boot. And pairings like Stringbean and Junior no brainers, just like the Skipper and Gilligan, Ralph and Ed all they way back to Stan and Ollie. Just look at that hangdog look on Stringbeans face, then look at a pic of Buster Keaton. Too cool! It was stardom well-deserved.

Krys O.

R. Stevie Moore wrote a song in 1973 called "The Ghost of Stringbean."


Fantastic article, all around. Kliph you are the bomb. Thanks for the headtrip, wow. Yessir, I lived rat near there way back then, and recorded my whack little song of callous disrespect a mere week after the horrific incident. You've so inspired me now that I'll try and rip an mp3 and attach a link there. Shake yer hillbilly pecker at THAT!

Michael Powers

Christ, what a weird story. It'd make a hell of a noir movie except that finding someone to play Stringbean would be extra tough; someone would probably have to use a special anamorphic lens to stretch some actor's image then digitally insert it back into the scenes. The business about the money rotting inside the walls of the house is like something out of O. Henry. Wonder why it never occurred to anyone to look for it?

Brett Muhlenburg

I absolutely LOVE Stringbean Dave Akeman's music where on the net can I find HIS version of the song Sally Anne?????


Does the old house still exist up in Ridgetop? When i lived in Goodlettsville many years ago we drove by. I can't recall the address.


i love stringbean.whatever can be said at the end of the day he was about the best banjer player this world has ever seen."20 cent cotton and 90 cent meat" is one of the most rocking songs ever recorded.he wrote it and he played the hell out of it.long live stringbean.


I believe that's the documentary that Stacy Harris appeared in.

Stacy was the last person to interview Stringbean. I'm a
'Bean collector, so I know that story ran on the Nashville Banner's front page before being reprinted in Music City News and (years later) Country Music People.

I see where Stacy writes even more about it at


Does anybody know how I can contact any family of Stringbean? Maybe to e-mail them or just talk to some of his birth family.

Bill Morrison

Stringbean (Dave Akeman), and his wife Estelle were friends of mine. I worked many shows with String, on the road, and in Nashville. I, as most people who knew them, loved them very much. They traveled to our road shows in a brand new Cadillac (after String became a member of Hee Haw), and the car was replaced every year. Estelle drove, in the trunk of the car they carried a suitcase, and two fishing poles. I am very glad that fans are remembering this wonderful couple, and the many talents of String. He was a very funny, humble, and friendly man. I miss him so very much.

Bill Morrison
Author of "Bill's Country Music Calendar."


We must stop the parole of Stringbean and Estelle's murderer. Please read this article!

Barry Berrier

Just wanted to say that in the photo of String with Kid, I am/was the kid. That picture was taken in the early summer of 1973 at a bluegrass festival hosted by Lester Flatt in Mt. Airy North Carolina. String was one of the nicest people I have ever met.

Diane Young

As I grew up in a community in California- a small town called McFarland- my father always told me that Stringbean lived down the street from us- I know that Maddox came from the Pond area that was within 12 miles- and another person from hee-haw we're from Pond she played a older lady that had her teeth black out- very petite person. We are about 25 miles from Bakersfield where Buck and Merle Haggard grew up- If there's anyone who knows if he was ever in the area Please let me know-Thanks Diane

roy smith

my brother was a fiddler with bill monroe and invited me and my wife to a christmas eve buffet involving opry stars. we were looking for the line for the food when a polite and humble man graciously placed us in line in front of himself. it was stringbean. just the opposite of many famous people who always put themselves first. i have remembered this for 35 years.

Greg Cochran

"My name is Greg Cochran!" I've been reading Warren Causey's book called The Stringbean Murders. It also talks about a detective name Tommy Jacobs. Back in 1996, they apparently discovered over $20,000 of 100's 50's and 20 dollarbills in his fireplace. By the way, is Stringbeans house still standing or did they finally tear it down? I understand that the house that he and his wife was murdered in is loated outside of Ridgetop, TN. My address is 200 W. McKissock ST Apt. B Holden, MO 64040 my # is 816-565-0204 maybe you have some feedback to share with me.


Greg Cochran

P.S. My e-mail address is [email protected]


I love Stringbean and America and Fall Guy reruns. Booya.


Such crimes are always senseless. 'Bean should'a been more closed mouth about his money. Great talent gone forever.


My grandmother on my mom's side was a double cousin to Stringbean...making me a third cousin. I never knew much about his personal life, but I sure enjoyed watching him on the Hee Haw Show! Thank You for the labor of love spent in making this site! Waynedog

Donna Ross

My dad is 80 years old and loved stringbean.I am trying to find two books for him
murder in the kornfield the life and death of stringbean.And the ghost of stringbean.Is there anyone that can help me.
Thanks so much


I understand all the feelings on here. U can't change the past. Yeah what happened was very wrong, but ppl make mistakes. I do believe john brown is truely sorry in what happened. It's been over 30yrs now. Stopping his parole won't change what happened. I believe time has been served. I know john personally. He is a very different man from back then. Look how times have changed and ppl with it. I pray that he does get out in my lifetime. Don't judge that's. God' s job. I don't know what my feelings would be if I hadn't known john the past 30yrs, but I do know his heart. My heart breaks for the family that suffered.


That was very sad i have watch hee haw as long as i can remember it's really bad when your own family would do something like that i don't think this other person should ever get out.

i wish i could play a banjo like him the country music fans of classic's blue grass lost a good man nov.10 1973 he was born june 15 in annvill ky i am from henderson ky and i sure miss his stile of music in memory of string bean one of the best banjo picker of the south r.i.p. david akeman


Just curious but did Strinbean and his wife have any family/children?

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