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June 01, 2007


Hell's Donut House

Only one of my favorite films of all time. Arkin's climactic scene as Lt. Practice is still one of the most hilariously demented performances on record.

fatty jubbo

the most brilliant scene ever. I force people to watch this movie.


I love Little Murders.


Little Murders... what a strange and excellent movie. I used to start photographing after seeing it; well, I shot some shit pics, but the true sense for me lay on the free thinking of Gould's played character.
Step by step he is sliding in this Addams-kinda family, getting violent etc. I've seen it some years ago and was bit disappointed - I had in mind that it is one of the simple greatest films I've ever seen. As it was the case now - I was bored with quite some of the ideas.

There's a bit TOO much pressure of 'weirdness', the characters are quite shallow, if you look closely... but still! It is certainly way ahead of every 'grand' blockbuster in the last 36 years! ;)

Thanks for bringing this back from our unconscious memory...


so less than an hour after reading this post i had in my hand a rented copy of Little Murders which was the only copy in my town between three video stores. I just had to see what it was all about. immediately sat down with a friend to watch and it definitely is a great film. the first half is genuinely funny, and then i felt it got kinda serious, and then it was sad for maybe 3 minutes and in the end i kinda ended up laughing only cause it was so crazy, which is a good thing right? thanks so much for posting it, was definitely worth the adventure.

Resident Clinton

Oh hey, it's so great that you ran out and rented the film. One can dream that people will do that, but you don't really expect it. And of course I'm glad you liked it as well...


Oh, this is on my list now...

dr bombay

the author is incorrect to say little murders "disappeared almost instantly." it had a very healthy after-life in art house theaters throughout the late 70's and early 80's. that's how it became a cult film.

I would highly recommend reading this article if you're interested in this film:

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