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June 09, 2007



The design of BEAR reminds me of Johnny 5 from the Short Circuit movies. This is one of those items I find too outlandish to believe. Was some robotics engineer inspired by a Steve Gutenberg marathon?


Fuckin' wussy robots. When are they gonna have the guts to fight the battles? I say, put guns their hands and send them off onto the streets, beachhead, frontline.


I think it's fairly evident to us all by now why their company is named after the 'Dungeons and Dragons' "Master of All That is Secret and Hidden".


so i'm a soldier getting shot at. bang, down i go. few but now i'm down i can't get shot any more. no wait, whats that on the horizon. a BEAR... but if it comes and picks me up i'll be back in the kine of fire. oh god no it's here... please bear, no, aaaarghh. blam kapow.

the end

David H Brooks

I feel disgusted of these irritating robots. I don’t think any wounded soldier would be able to bear to be lifted by such robots.

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