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June 28, 2007


Hellbound Alleee

He forgot to mention that medicare is a Ponzi scheme.


damn. i thought it was gonna be reagan actually rapping.


Ughhh, that man set this country back by at least 20 years. We're still paying for all his BS.


Michael Moore's Sicko turned me on to another great moment in Ronald Reagan.

how is this possible? that movie hasn't even been released yet!

Brian Frye

I found a copy of this record when I was in high school, probably 15 years ago. Still had all the promo materials inside. One of the best things I ever came across. Right up there with the Chairman Mao's 5 minute physical program 7" and booklet.


Incredibly, the excesses and sheer wanton arrogance of the current administration make one yearn for the Reagan years. To cite but one example, the "religious" right is large and in charge nowadays to an extent of which Reagan-era fundies could only have dreamed.


thank you, thank you.


My favorite part of this is Reagan's joke at the beginning about people wanting to kill actors. Oh, that Gippper wit.

Matt Braynard

This is a great reminder of what a great man Ronald Reagan was. If only he were more successful in stopping socialized medicare we wouldn't be spending so much on it today. Long live the legacy of the greatest president of the 20th Century.


It is amazing how one speech can be heard with two completely opposite understandings. I listened to this today as a speech by a man of greatness and vision. And prophecy. Look to Canada, England, Cuba (where did Fidel Castro go when he was gravely ill? He imported specialists from Spain, outside of his wonderful medical system). The evidence is there about the failure of socialized medicine. People who still want to discredit Reagan are driven only by their hatred of the man. Clearly Doug is right about Reagan's greatness.


you said: "where did Fidel Castro go when he was gravely ill? He imported specialists from Spain..."

There is free universal health care in Spain, just like Canada and most of Europe. So what exactly is your point?

Universal Health Care seems to work all over the world (I have lived in England, Germany, Austria, Taiwan), but some how Americans believe it can't work here.

Why not learn more about the issue before you speak.

Scott Mercer


All of capitalism is a Ponzi scheme, dummy.

I think Charles Ponzi should be given the Nobel Prize for Economics, (posthumously, I am aware that he is long ago dead), and then shut down the Prize permanently. Because Ponzi nailed it back in the day.


Good 20/20 6 part series on the subject.

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