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June 18, 2007



Bronwyn! Inside Edition!




A most poignant biography of a father.

Well written!


Thank you for writing this!
Somehow, there are things that dads do and teach us that are unique to them.
Like, making english muffin pizzas or saving the pancake batter droplets for you so you can have your own mini stack.
Or math. Math concepts are always explained by Dad while driving.


Bet your dad would be very proud of you. About the Inside Edition piece...why is it that some people can't recognize faces, but I immediately knew it was you, even though I'd never seen your face?

dan b

that's a very sweet entry. i say that despite the creepy ending. it reminds me of all the time i spent working with my dad installing satellite dishes in the late 80s/early 90s -- driving down 13 mile dirt roads to the lakeside great camps of rich financiers, and listening to both the wisdom and idiocy of my dad. it makes me realize how hard it is to, and at the same time hope i, do as good a job for my 3-year-old little boy.

Enos Better

Actually, the distance from the pole to the guy will be a bit less than 3. Your father forgot to add the catenary factors. y = cosh (x/c); l = 2 c sinh (x/c); x^2 = 2py; d = (wS^2)/8t; so roughly... l = S (1 + (8/3)(d^2)/(S^2). Plug in 5 for l, solve for x. Assuming standard Bell System galvanized steel guy wire.

Kelly  Jones

MY father and YOUR father shoulda gone bowling! My dad's big advice was..."If someone breaks into your home, kill them, and then dispose of the body and NEVER mention it to ANYBODY." Needless to say, my father is a virtual militia man (love ya pops!).

And by the's Isosceles all the way.

Great article! (Can I call a blog thing an article? I'm so confused, as usual.)

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