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June 13, 2007



I'm glad to see Eglantine Gouzy's video on my fav' blog ! It was made by Sophie Gateau, a young french director who experimented here the rubik's cube technique in a joyful manner !


"...and trowl through the wreckage..."

It has got to be trawl (a method of fishing for something) or maybe troll (another word for a fishing method). But it just can't be trowl, at least not in English. Trowel is closest, and that's a tool used in bricklaying. I think I've seen "trowl" here before, and bit my tongue. No more!

Cool post, otherwise.

Mike Lupica

Folksnake: Indeed, "trowl" is probably not a real word and I salute you as a hard working and upstanding member of the grammar police. But your argument is somewhat invalidated by the fact that you did NOT catch my misspelling of the word "significance" -- which remained published for hours here before *I* caught it upon a later inspection. In other words, the kid stays in the picture.


Mike Lupica, you really know what is up! I'm not one of "those people" either. So it's nice when someone like you with a beer puts four awesome videos together at once like this.

I'm obsessed with Les Thugs, but only via the one song the included on the Virus 100 Dead Kennedys covers album - they do the prettiest version of "Moon Over Marin." In fact, if you can get your hands on a copy of "To Serve Man" you might get a little extra Thug-flavored treat from the included CD.

It's good to hear that the rest of their albums are staggeringly great and now I'm embarrassed to say I've never really even tried to buy anything else of theirs.

That Ghostrider cover is fuckin' awesome too. Nothing like a little FOETUS IN THE MORNING!!! Re-stock soon!!!

Mike Lupica

Hey Tront:

Agreed, Les Thugs' cover of "Moon over Marin" is really great! You can listen to it in streaming Real Audio by clicking this link.

As for their full length albums, I'd recommend starting with either "I.A.B.F." or "As Happy as Possible" -- both totally gripping records, and pleasantly frontloaded with the most tuneful yet heavy guitar sounds ever. In the age where so many crap bands are doing successful reunion tours, why can't THESE guys make a second go of it?

La bUze

thanks for this Thugs video !
great band and great souvenir from live show
the Eglantine Gouzy video is funny too


Cripes, hope this is no deception. These thugs are kickin

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