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July 27, 2007


Debbie D

Webb Pierce-There Stands The Glass is my all time fave beer drinking song. Choice line-"It's My First One Today" which implies More beer will be forthcoming.


How about the Firesign Theater's ad for Bear Whiz Beer? "It's in the water! That's why it's yellow!"


Excellent choice Debbie! And let's tip one to Doug Schulkind for his astounding rendition of it, which anyone who wishes may listen to right here, and for hipping me to Betty Cody's answer song "Please Throw Away the Glass".


The fine people at Barstool Mountain have recently posted their list of the Top 100 Drinking Songs. There's quite a few beery songs there.

The "Locust St." blog did a very nice post a while back on songs about beer.

I'd respectfully recommend "In Heaven There Is No Beer", performed by the immortal Frankie Yankovic, or Tom T. Hall's "I Like Beer."

John from Oslo

Bob & Ray's spot for Piels Beer:

an hour of old commercials introduced by "Sherlock Holmes":

and another one!



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