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July 03, 2007



Thank you for this amazing collection. (But from one fan to another, your Frank Crumit obsession is perfectly self-explanatory.)


One of my favorite voice artists along with paul Frees and the Hanna Barbera boys.

Here's some more Thurl for you all:

POTC LP Excerpts
Mellomen Quartet
A Haunted Mansion LP Narrated by Thurl (Half-way Down The Page)
Thanks for the great article!


I have, Bob. I never realized he was the voice of Tony. I know too well the completist impulse. Wish I had more people recording ads for greasy-spoons in bizarre locales.

Louis Harrison

Not to slight any of the previous postings, but this one is the best yet. THE BEST!Thanks for all of the recordings and the detailed information. Two names stood out on the illustrated record labels: Marni Nixon, the famous movie vocal 'ghost' for Audrey Hepburn, Deborah Kerr, etc. (on the Tops Christmas 45); and Jack Fascinato (co-writer of 'Pompilio Papa'), music director on the old Kukla, Fran & Ollie television show.


Is it Thurl singing on Ray Budzilek's "Ice Cubes and Beer"? Great tune!

Just wondering.

Kip W

Thurl is also in one track of Gordon Jenkins's "Seven Dreams" album (which is seen in one of Harold Lloyd's 3-D nude studies), portraying a traveling salesman on a train, in patter and song. Dickie Beals is in the cut as well, but -- alas -- they don't have a scene together.


Holy sh%t! Hey, didn't he do Teenage Brain Surgeon for Spike Jones? That's gotta be his best tune. This is probably the greatest post onna blog ever!

"Sharpest operator around"


Jack Fascinato? Music From a Surplus Store!

J Plant

Oh my god, I have loved both this year's 365 blog and 2003's as well - but today's "Thurl Festival" blew everything else away! Seriously, this is unbelievable awesome. Please, sir. May we have some more Thurl?

Bob Purse

Thank you all for your kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed today's entry so very much. It was definately a labor of love, and something I'd been looking for an outlet to do for years.

In answer to a couple of comments, yes, Thurl is the singer on Teenage Brain Surgeon, and I did not include it because I shied away from anything I was able to confirm was still (or recently) in print. For the same reason, I left off Thurl with Spike Jones on "Wyatt Earp Makes Me Burp", with Rosemary Clooney on "This Ole House" and with Spike Jones on "Sh-Boom", among several others, including just about everything he did for Disney.

Thanks for the links and for the information about some other Thurl appearances. I would also like to direct you to seek out Brian Jacobs wondrous "All Things Thurl" site, where there are many more tracks to be heard:

Finally, I've just learned that I can upload MP3 files to my own blog site, which will eliminate the clunky process I now have in place (the inability to post files is the main reason its been sitting dormant), and I hope to get going again on it by the end of the month, with built in downloadable sound files.


pea hix

on the left-hand side of this page:

is a video clip of thurl's "singing bust" head from disney's haunted mansion ride... VERY cool...

Bob Purse

Stupid me. Didn't check what I wrote. I meant "with Stan Freberg on 'Sh-Boom'"


Listener Kliph

Simply amazing. The salute to famous cartoon voices on Beware of the Blog continues!

I pose a question to the knowledgable FMU'ers. Thurl supposedly began his career with a gig as the voice of "grandpa Hortle" on a radio show called "The Goose Creek Parson." At least according to a few Bios. I can find no mention of this show having existed in any of my old texts. Supposedly CBs picked it up. Anyone know any more about that tidbit?


If you plug thurl's name into, you can find a radio show apperance on a Jack Benny show. Haven't listened to it yet...

October 1st, 1944 - December 26th, 1948
NBC, 30m, Sundays at 7:00pm
The Lucky Strike Program
Cast : Benny, Mary, Phil, Dennis, Rochester, and Don Wilson. Vocal Quartet : The Sportsmen, Bill Days, Max Smith, John Rarig, Gurney Bell, Jay Mayer, Marty Sperzel, Thurl Ravenscroft.


Saw something a few months back i hadn't ever noticed before while I was watching JImmy Stweart's "The story Of Glen Miller" movie. The Mellomen (with Thurl as Bass singer) have a bit part as a Cowboy Quartet in a scene where Glenn Miller takes a job in the orchestra pit of a local playhouse. I think the song they sing is "I'm Bidin' My Time".

Ted Hering

What a wonderful page. I can see I'm gonna get to bed late tonight!

Thurl with the Mellomen appeared on several Spike Jones records in the early 1950s, and Thurl himself usually has a couple lines of dialog or a bass solo. Try to track down "Santa Brought Me Choo Choo Trains," "I'll Never Work There Anymore," "Slante (The Italian Polka)," and "A Toot, A Whistle, A Plunk, and a Boom."

Ever come across "Guitar Child" by Duane Eddy, on RCA Victor? I've never found documentation that confirms Thurl is the vocalist, but it sure sounds like him!

Eric Wilson

lpd42: Before the war, Thurl was a founding member of the Sportsmen Quartet. They were the guys who sang the Lucky Strike commercials on the Jack Benny show after the war, but Thurl had lost his spot during the war and his dismissal led to the creation of the Mellomen.

He's definitely still part of the group on the January 25, 1942 Jack Benny show, where the quartet played a singing legal firm.



Here are two mp3s of the Haunted Mansion LP narrated by Thurl (mentioned in a previous post).

Haunted Mansion Part 1

Haunted Mansion Part 2


Bob, this is fantastic! You have gathered a wonderful collection of rare classics. Very much appreciated. I grew up with Thurl in so much on TV with the Wonderful World of Disney, and so many rides and amusements at Disneyland. And you're right, Fred, Teenage Brain Surgeon is a great song, and one of my favorites. Too bad it gets no airplay at Halloween. We love this song so much that we made a video on the Halloween after Thurls' death, and put it on Utube. My kids and their friends, and myself, filmed this video in his honor in our living room. He was a great voice, and so much more.

Teenage Brain Surgeon:

Dr. Benway

Still in amazement over this page it got me in the mood to thumb through some of my 78's... and I found a Mellomen recording with Kirk Douglas on Decca. Also I remember him from a popcorn commercial from the 50's. This is an amazing treasure trove.


I can't thank you enough for putting these up here

THANK YOU!!!!!!!


I discovered Thurl in 1986 when I picked up The Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria at the VoA (it had the ca.1960 script red-yellow-blue logo so the 1971 date must be wrong). I edited together one of my favorite pieces from it, "Sea Monsters". If anyone out there has a tape of it (ECC? Scott Marshall?) could they please make a sound file & post it to this page?

If I had a computer I'd make you a file of "At the Hop" by Nick Todd on Dot (keep an eye out for it). That has to be Thurl contributing the "Oh baby".

- Good Cue Sign

Chris Oliver

God, this is great stuff. I'm particularly excited to have the "Bottle of Beer" song. My friend had that song on a tape of Dr. Demento shows he had, and I've loved it for years, without ever really knowing who did it. Back in high school, we even used it for the end credits of a short film (do a YouTube search for "Drunken Hero" if you want to see it).

You're mention of Thurl singing with Elvis has me wondering...could he be the bass voice on "Way Down"?

Bob Purse

The bass voice on "Way Down" is J.D. Sumner of the Gospel quartet J.D. Sumner and the Stamps. I hope I have his name right. Thurl's only work with Elvis (so far as I know) is on "One Broken Heart for Sale". I forget what film it's in, but Thurl and the rest of the Mellomen are featured in the scene in which Elvis sings that song.


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