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July 06, 2007


Dancin' Dave

I actually visited Virginia's bird store once. I don't remember if I already had the LP at that point or if I bought it in her shop. Perhaps I heard someone else's copy and went to the store to get one of my own. It was located under Rockefeller Center in that bizarre underground plaza. She literally had a bird store in the subway. Imagine spending 8 or 10 hours a day in he subway listening to frikkin birds chirping out "butchy butchy butchy butchy bung bung bung bung" all goddam day. It's no wonder she was crazy! Not only did she never see the sun or breathe fresh air but the birds had to suffer the same fate. It's enough to make anybody sing "butchy butchy butchy butchy bung bung bung bung"!


What a kick-ass album cover.


I love this record! Whenever my ex-wife and I used to screw up we would go "I'm"


A brief listen to "william tell overture" actually sounds like it's Morning Mood from Pier Gynt Suite by Grieg...



Record Brother posted this album on his website a couple of years ago. He also posted a couple of odd self-produced singles by Virginia. One was 'Strangers in the Night' of course with the birds. the other I cant recall. thanks



increible la historia que cuenta el chico del piso de arriba :O
muy bonito el LP

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